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In the past few weeks two established Hunt Sab Groups have had their vehicles stolen and then set on fire within hours of the thefts. The vehicles belonged to the Croydon and Sheffield groups. At the first theft we were willing to believe that this was a normal crime but the duplication at Sheffield leads us to suspect that these are planned attacks by the Hunting community. At this stage we cannot prove anything and feel it is unlikely that the police will come up with anything, but it seems obvious to us that these arson attacks on vehicle right at the start of the season are an attempt to curtail the activities of Hunt Sabs in the respective areas. Needless to say this tactic will not work and both groups will be active in the field in the weeks to come.

The Hunting community is desperate. Following the ban they pinned their hopes on police inaction and a Tory government. It seems that the many new Tory MPs do not want the return of Hunting, even with the pro-Blood sport leader in power. They are becoming desperate as their numbers of supporters drop each passing season. This is the latest attempt to hinder their opponents, one in a long line of illegal activities, from violent attacks to property damage. Needless to say their tactics will not work and we will continue to fight them in the field until their sick and barbaric sport is finally ended.