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Squatting and fighting the badger cull - two subjects very close to SchNEWS's collective heart come together at last for the “Squat the Cull” call-out. Here's what they had to say.

Squat the cull is a collective of squatters, travellers and animal rights activists united to help fight the badger cull and secure land squats in the cull zones.

The proposed badger cull is both cruel and unnecessary. In response to this members of the animal rights community will be helping travellers and squatters secure land squats and sites in the two badger cull zones (Somerset and Gloucestershire.) We will also be looking at Dorset as the government has put this forward as a possible back up cull zone.

SOOOOO as many of you will know it is now, sadly, a criminal offence to squat a residential building in this country. The key word to remember is ‘residential’ so this means any building that isn’t residential is fair game. People who squat non-residential buildings…such as barns, pubs, offices, warehouses, churches etc... are not breaking the law and owners of these properties will have to use civil law in order to get the squatters out. It is also possible to squat land by taking and securing it with fencing and setting up a camp. These are all ideas that could be implemented regarding static squats. Another idea is to have a convoy which will stop off in different areas in the cull zones to highlight what will be happening there and hopefully shame farmers into pulling out of the cull. We are looking at sourcing equipment for broadcasting, podcasting, reporting, streaming etc live from our travels in order to show the world what is happening and how the police and locals treat us. There is a lot of work to be done but we have loads of ideas and a lot of support already. We have already been out scouting in the cull zones and found a few nice looking sites but don’t want to go in to too much detail about that just yet! Watch this space, tell your friends and get ready to get it on – we are!”

Get in touch for more info, offers of help etc - www.facebook.com/squat.the.cull


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Added By: Anonymous - 15th March 2013 @ 8:05 AM
Good luck guys, raise local and national awareness by getting the media involved. Keep it peaceful and intelligent otherwise people won't take notice and will just think you are ignorant troublemakers.
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