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Smashing Night At The 1in12

The legendary 1in12 Club social centre based in Bradford is going through a tough patch. After a fire inspection a couple of months ago it was evident that after almost three decades of DIY refurbishment to the old mill, much needed to be done to bring the building up to regulatory standard.

An online callout led to offers of help, both physical and economic coming in from all corners of Europe, with benefits being put on at social centres across the UK, and as far afield as Slovenia. After two months of hard work and thousands of pounds, the building was brought up to standard and passed the repeat inspection in January.

After all the hard work and inspiration it looked like the battle was won, but on Saturday 4th February, the club was broken into in the middle of the night. Much of the building was smashed up and destroyed, including many of the new installations – little actual money was stolen but plenty of damage done, and bottles of spirits and power tools were stolen. This happened only shortly after the Club passed it's inspection, and is devastating to the countless people that dedicated their time, energy and money to the club.

The rumours are already doing the rounds that this was a planned attack by people after a little bit more than the change from the jukebox and a couple of bottles of Buckfast. Watch this space for rabid finger pointing and libellous statements in the not too distant future. Rough estimates put the damage at around £2000, so now the club needs help more than ever! If you can visit, offers of help for the clean-up are welcome, and of course they want your money as well.

The Cowley Club in Brighton is organising a host of fundraising events for the 1in12 Club, including bingo on Wednesday 8th February, a gig on Wednesday 22nd 7pm, with Black Light Orchestra & more TBC. A gig on Friday 24th 7pm with Boredom, Pettybone and State Icons, and on Sunday 26th 2-6pm a Vegan Sunday Roast. Check http://www.cowleyclub.org.uk/ for more info.

For more on Bradford's best (albeit slightly battered) venue check 1in12.com

There are 4 comments on this story...
Added By: andy nunn - 8th February 2012 @ 3:25 PM
"The time for talking is over. Now call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit it hard and we hit it fast, with a major, and I mean major, leaflet campaign..."
Added By: regwharfe - 8th February 2012 @ 9:42 PM
"why don't we just strap a mini nuke to my forehead and ill go in there ands butt 'im into oblivion...''
Added By: Anonymous - 12th February 2012 @ 7:21 PM
look at the damage to that there fire door! yeh yeh, just some opportunist nob eads. ffs, mibbe they do need some residents as a pal sed tother nite? or turn takin? bad c.b.anyway
Added By: Chelsea - 18th March 2012 @ 10:59 AM
I can already tell that's gonna be super hlpuefl.
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