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Throughout history LGBTQ+ people and communities have had to fight for basic acceptance into society. In some parts of the world that fight is more evident now than probably ever before. Putin's Russia in the vanguard of the attempt to delegitimise non-conformist sexualties.

The Winter Olympics at Sochi, taking place next February will be a major showcase for Russia. However there has been a worldwide mobilization of angry voices (gay, straight and anything else in between) in protest against the policy of hate in Russia that has stripped away the basic human rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

With the blessing of the Russian state and Russian church, the fascist group known as Occupy-Pedofilyay (Оккупай-Педофиляй), are allowed to spread their vile homophobic mantra to children in schools, whipping up a storm of hatred against the gay community. Gay people are regularly humiliated, beaten, tortured and in some cases much worse while the state looks the other way. Gay people regularly ‘go missing’ and suicide rates have risen dramatically.

While the International Olympic Committee hides behind its completely misleading statement of inclusion, calls to change the host of the Winter Olympics. Millions of people have signed petitions and protests have been held worldwide against the main Olympic sponsors who are now concerned about the damage that is possibly being done to their product branding. A message to them, ‘that is the purpose of protest - get used to it - we are not going away’. All of these actions must continue as other countries are now openly following the lead set by Russia in denying basic human rights to their own LGBTQ+ communities. In localised states, LGBTQ+ communities aren’t that big based on national borders but on a global level we have power, we have influence and we have financial clout, it’s not called The Pink Pound for nothing!

Whilst it’s important that the worldwide gay community does everything it can to stand up for others who are persecuted it should be noted that this is not just a ‘GAY’ ISSUE – it is a human rights issue - and it affects everyone. The abuse of many in Russia, including immigrants and prisoners, is appalling and justice is rare. You only need to look at the ‘Pussy Riot’ case, the ‘Bolotnaya’ case and recently the Greenpeace activists detained as pirates by Russia who now face many years in prison.

In conjunction with other individuals, Brighton members of the Public & Commercial Services (PCS) trade union have created a Facebook page - To Russia with Love, Brighton/UK – that will be used to post information that will be of interest to people locally and nationally. It will also link up with other sites worldwide to condemn events in Russia. There is also a demonstration of solidarity with all who are persecuted in Russia planned for 30th November. All who believe human rights are for everyone are welcome to attend


Meet at New Steine Gardens 12 noon Sunday 30th November

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Added By: Anonymous - 9th November 2013 @ 11:25 AM
i cant believe shnews has published this story. Lets get some facts clear pussy riot are a western backed satanic operation to discredit russia. Members masterbated in front of children in a busy supermarket. Had a group orgy and filmed it one day before one of them gave birth ect.
The new laws that have been passed in russia are to protect children. The most recent widely reported case was a child adopted from russia and then sexually abused for a number of years in new zealand.
the uk is riddled with child abuse take jimmy saville , kenneth clark, prince andrew, and all the other top proflie british elites that havent been publicly shamed yet and then look at whats being done about it absaloutly nothing.
as for greenpeace what would happen if aa russian boat suddenly occupid north sea oil rigs see the reaction then. they are an organisation controlled and financed by the very people that they should really be fighting against.
homosexually has been promoted in the west and is now accepted. it has been promoted by the media in the form of graham norton and the likes. Next S AND M and perverse sexual acts promoted by lady gaga and rhianna(both illuminati pimps) and then the next plan is paedophlia.
Added By: protect the children - 9th November 2013 @ 11:34 AM
protect the children it is statisticly more likely for homosexuals to abuse children . And thats a fact groups like the freemasons and catholic jesuits who organise poaedoplilia are also indulge in sexual acts. They are also homosexualls who are not paedophlis of course and you need to be aware of the bigger picture and maybe take a look at your life and become a hetrosexual again. Of course they are those who are naturaly gay but taht is probably a small percentage of recently gay people has it HAS been promoted by thr rockerfeller, tavistock groups ect.
Added By: olympics - 9th November 2013 @ 11:37 AM
in qatar women are not even allowed to drive a car. THE MINIMUM SENTENCE FOR A HOMOSEXUAL IS FIVE YEARS OF HARD LABOUR. the world cup is gong to be held there. Qatar is a puppet vassal of the west .Russia on the other hand is not.
Added By: realise - 9th November 2013 @ 12:23 PM
It is time for the gay and ecological commumunities in the uk to realise the enemy is not russia. Take a look at jersey take a look at jimmy saville connect the pieces think about it. The woolwich incident and then think what is happening in syria.I THINK ITS TIME TO TAKE A LOOL CLOSER AT HOME.
Added By: make a stand - 16th November 2013 @ 7:30 AM
why dont you make a stand against child abuse in the uk. What are you doing about that.Do you not feel strongly about the ongoing ongoing ongoing cover up of these crimes against humanity. Surely much worse and much more important. Gay people ARE NOT being tortured in russia .Its not illegal to be gay in russia. It is illegal to be gay in qatar so why dont you change thr reason of the demo to protesting about the 2022 world cup which will be played in 60 degree heat and the nearest woman driving a car will be in iran. Thhink about that.
Added By: I feel like beefcake tonight, like beefcake tonight...beefcake tonight - 23rd November 2013 @ 6:45 AM
So none of you wanked over those shirtless photos of Putin?
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