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In May the (now disgraced ex-)Minster for War, Liam Fox announced the Trident Alternatives Review, with much fanfare from the beard and sandal brigade. Unfortunately six months down the line and Liam Fox's replacement Philip Hammond has now stated that the review will not be made public because of the “highly classified technical, intelligence and policy information covering extremely sensitive national security issues”. Essentially the Tories are sweeping one of their few sops to their Lib Dem 'partners' under the carpet in an attempt to stifle debate.

The government has bought into an expensive, unnecessary, like-for-like replacement for Trident (so much so they've already spent £6 billion on it) so any semblance of democracy at this stage would just be an irritant to proceedings. At best a nuclear deterrent is a costly white elephant, at worst it is a (almost literally) ticking time-bomb. Even if it were fully independent (which neither Trident nor its likely replacement is) there are no realistic scenarios where the UK would actually deploy them. So – why spend the money?

The reasons for unquestioningly replacing Trident are much the same as those for hugely subsidising the arms trade in general – having a large metaphorical wang to wave about on the world stage. The UK no longer has enough economic or military power to force other nations to their knees, so the only way to get their attention is to be the one selling them their weapons and having 'the bomb' up your sleeve – even if you actually need it.

Unfortunately when it comes to a choice between investing in hospitals, schools and support services on one hand and a massive silver phallus in the other it's obvious which a bunch of old Etonians are gonna choose.

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Added By: beardysandals - 8th December 2011 @ 10:12 AM
to paraphrase Andy Hamilton: this isn't a coalition, it's a hostage situation.
Added By: Costance - 19th February 2012 @ 6:05 PM
What has Pacifism ever aceihved? Peace for one. If you are so pro-war why aren't you waving the Sudan war flag? Oh they don't have oil and Bush hasn't told you we need to fight them yet. Get your priorities straight. Look at the stock prices to Halliburton and all the major oil companies before the war. You were duped!
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Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets all over Honduras (and in cities around the world) on Monday 28th June, the first anniversary of the military coup. Not that they were commemorating the coup of course, but to celebrate the first birthday of the National Popular Resistance Front. The FNRP is a remarkable coalition of brave people from all the traditionally oppressed sectors of society: the Committee of Families of the Disappeared; a myriad of feminist organisations; indigenous groups; the Afro-descendant garífuna people; youth movements; the gay community; human rights activists and trades unions. The FNRP is an alliance of hundreds of grassroots organisations which, despite the risk to the lives of all involved, have refused to give in and accept the illegal takeover of their country by a ruthless and self-serving elite.

Ever keen to get an up close and personal look at the world's most troubled regions, SchNEWS was fortunate enough to sweet-talk Brightonian Al Jazeera journalist, Medyan Diarieh, recently returned from reporting in Afghanistan. As a Palestinian who has extensively covered the conflicts in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iraq and Turkish Kurdistan for many years, he's a man with a useful perspective on events on the ground in what's become Britain's longest war since the days of Empire. Medyan has become a well known figure amongst pro-Palestine and anti-war protesters, informing the public in the Arab-speaking world of the UK's solidarity movements.

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Smash EDO, Brighton's long-running anti-militarist campaign (see nearly every SchNEWS since 2004), will be hitting the road this winter. The aim of the tour is to raise awareness of the campaign and get more people involved - building towards next year's 'Summer of Resistance'.

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