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UKBA Rude Awakening

Protesters from Unity and No Borders gave the UKBA a taste of their own medicine on Tuesday (29th) with an unwanted early morning visit at Glasgow's Brand Street reporting centre. Three people blockaded the gates of the centre by locking on to each other through concrete tubing while supporters looked on.

Two dawn raids at the homes of local families have been conducted by the UKBA in Glasgow in the last month – a practice so inhumane they had previously refrained from doing it after public pressure. The families have subsequently been kept in detention. After beginning at 5.30am, the soon-after arrival of several UKBA Enforcement Teams - who conduct the raids - left the protesters fairly certain they'd directly prevented a raid that very morning.

The demonstrators also pointed out the ongoing detention of children as a reason for the 5-hour long action, which resulted in all the blockaders being nicked. They were then released on normal bail conditions the next day charged with breach of the peace, and are due to appear in court on August 6th.

Previous November blockades of the offices have resulted in the premises being closed for 11 hours.

see: http://unitycentreglasgow.org

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Added By: Dodger - 18th August 2012 @ 9:21 AM
The clownish antics of the pathetic , idle wasters at UKBA once again exposed in all their corruption and venality .
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