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Third-Eyeless in Giza: If 9/11 was a significant date that spawned a thousand conspiracies, it's got nothing, numerically speaking, on 11.11 on 11/11/11. It's only natural, given that such a perfect symmetrical, palindromic date anomaly won’t occur again for another thousand years. Yes, OK, there has been one every year since 01.01 on 01/01/01 but this was, well, the Big One (one, one, one, one, one, one, etc.)

Naturally enough then, the attention was focused on, er, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, in Egypt, long held to be the centre of immensely significant psycho-geographical alignments. Never mind that it was built in a time before the Gregorian calendar was even a glint in the eye of the Catholic church. That wasn’t going to deter the clinically spiritual from wanting to take advantage of any mysterious powers that might radiate from the hallowed site on the day.

A Polish New Age crew announced they planned a simple meditation ceremony, one that would help save the World from cosmic disaster. An Egyptian company applied to hold a “hug the pyramid,” moment when 120 people would join hands around the ancient Toblerone-shaped tomb. Other groups quickly muscled in, including the ‘Universal Kabbalah Network’ and the ‘11.11.11 Gathering of Souls’, also saying they’d be converging. (Handily they’ve all got facebook and twitter accounts.)

Local newspapers were soon swirling with threats of Jewish and Masonic rituals taking place and the authorities got spooked. Without warning the Great Pyramid was suddenly closed to the public for ‘necessary maintenance’ until the 12th. (no doubt for the real Knight Templar ceremony to take place) Hopefully the New Agers will survive another millennium and come back for another go.

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