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...And Finally...

The German public has reacted to President Christian Wulff’s evasiveness after being caught threatening a journalist by coining a new verb ‘to wulffen’ – meaning to talk on and on unprompted.

Inspired by their world renowned sense of humour we thought we’d have a go...

Blair (vb) – scheme and arselick your way to the corridors of power in order to cream the most off for yourself. See also Bliar.

Brown (vb) – spend a decade desperate for a job, but never have the balls to apply for it, before finally getting it handed to you on a plate and completely screwing it up.

Clegg (n) – a unpleasant dry clump found hanging from a Tory arsehole.

Thatcher (vb) – stomp on the working classes so effectively that by the time your finished there really is no such thing as society.

May (vb) – shrilly make outlandish claims about immigrants

Obama (vb) – To ‘Hope’ As in the sentence “I hope people don’t see beyond empty slogans”

Johnson (n) – synonym for penis. See also Cheney

Bush (n) – another word for shrub

Abbot (vb) – to self-harm through social media

Osborne (vb) – to sit in a multi-million pound mansion while reassuring everyone else that they’re all in it together

Cameron (vb) – to do a Blair, but more overtly.

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