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...And Finally...

We're not too fussy about musical taste here: everything from Bananarama to Beirut graces the turntables here at SchNEWS Towers but here's a genre we felt deserved wider exposure - ambient fash-hop.

Now fascism has always been proof that the devil definitely doesn't have all the best tunes, but in recent years at least white supremacist music has followed the well-beaten path of Oi Punk and it's offshoots - but not this time.

The daring genre mash-up occurred during the election campaign for the Scottish National Front - of course it has to be heard to experience it's full majesty but if you can imagine one of Tricky's earlier efforts revived via the medium of a Bontempi organ and the solo vocals of a disgruntled Glaswegian Nazi you wouldn't be far wrong. Really, it has to be heard to be believed.

So far it's accumulated 3000 visits on YouTube, roughly ten times the number of votes the NF received in the electoral contest. Sadly the genius behind this avant-garde leap has remained anonymous but we can't help wondering what's next - Balkanized Gypsy Swing perhaps, Reich & Roll or Drum & Race anyone?

Free graphics book to the best suggestion!

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