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...And Finally...

WikiLeaked excerpt from article prepared by UK government spin doctors in case of decision to use 'Plan E' solution to the Julian Assange situation. Was intended to be offered to Daily Mail / Telegraph / Times / Hello / Top Gear Magazine.

Today we are releasing a damning dossier making the case for supporting immediate regime change in that axis-of-dangerously-successful-democractic-socialism countries, Ecuador.

This has nothing at all to do with the recent decision by wicked President Rafael Correa to grant Wikileaker Julian Assange political asylum. (The clever bastards. Boy are the Americans annoyed. Better not put these bits in) Or that actually they do happen to have oil.

Oh no, not this time. It's because his government are corrupt dictators, crushing all dissent from a perfectly innocent rich elite, secretly genetically modifying the Amazon jungle so that all the oxygen produced is harvestable, planning to hold the world to ransom in years to come. Oh yeah and all his corrupt government cronies are getting fat eating Ecuadorian babies.

And now secret intelligence suggest they might be thinking of secretly importing babies from neighbouring countries, grinding them up to feed the poor and weakening other countries until Ecuador rules the entire American continent. Apparently Ecuadorian Airways planes could be in the air within 45 minutes on their horrific evil baby snatching missions.

Something must be done. We stand arse to fist (is this right?) with our international friends who are determined to liberate the enslaved happy Correa-voting Ecuadorians and give them IMF rule and send US corporates in to suck them dry like everyone else freedom.

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