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...And Finally...

Local MP and all round fuckbugle Mike Weatherley was once again sticking his oar into local issues this week.

Not content with attacking the homeless (Mike is already campaigning for the extension of squatting criminalisation) he's also found time to "condemn” local campaigners who have been picketing EcoStram in Brighton as “misguided fringe groups”.

Showing his trademark disregard for anything more complex than a soundbite, Mikey completely ignored the reasons for the protests (EcoStreams products are manufactured in the Occupied Territories) he instead focused on complaints from “a number of constituents who were alarmed by the... protesters”. Could these “constituents” possibly be the Christian Zionist loons who turn up every week to hurl abuse at the picket?

Fortunately such details don't concern Mike as he leapt into action writing to the police and council, issuing a press release and even getting together with ex-copper turned Tory councillor Graham Cox to knock out a graphic on the nonissue. Given that the shop isn't even in his constituency SchNEWS recommends Mike keeps his malformed 'opinions' to himself or, better yet, looks into the legality of settlement goods to see if he actually agrees with “misguided fringe groups” like the United Nations or the International Court of Justice.

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