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...And Finally...

Ever heard of Supreme Master Hai?

If you've ever gorged yourself senseless on vegan fake meat at the Loving Hut cafe then chances are you have - she's their spiritual and temporal leader with a permanent slot on "Supreme Master TV" - so unswitch-over-able that it's the only station you'll ever see a Loving Hut telly tuned in to.

Unsurprisingly for a religious cult her messages of peace and harmony are mixed up with a particularly bizarre set of beliefs - life on the planet Venus, the Pyramids are UFO lighthouses, and the usual cosmic silly-bollocks you come to expect from weirdo cults such as the Hari-Krishnas, Scientologists, Mormons, Catholics, Apple Mac Evangelicals and Pentecostalists.

Amongst Supreme Master Hai's teachings is the promotion of breatharianism - the new age belief that the truly enlightened can survive on nothing but pure air and the spiritual energy of the universe. This is a pretty counterproductive philosophy for the owner of over 200 fast food outlets; you'd have thought that she'd have kept schtum. Hear her in her own words (at www.youtube.com/ watch?v=qvlLtfuOrd8), it'll leave you breathless...

* More tasty vegan cultish dishes on the menu at http://skepticalvegan.com.

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