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...And Finally...

SchNEWS has, of course, long drunk from the well of horror stories about remote controlled killing and bombing by military drones. Now, at last, we can take the piss with news of a more-dumb-than-deadly civilian use. For lo and behold, here comes the beer drone. Lager-than-life organisers of the Oppikoppi music festival in South Africa plan to help punters at this years festie get 'wasted' by flying drones overhead and then parachuting mobile-phone-placed drinks orders down into the crowd. (We know, it sounds ridiculous - and they probably know it but just want the free coverage a cheap publicity stunt can bring... and we've just fallen into their trap. Damn it.)

Whilst a bit of a shake generally does beer no favours, apparently they see no problem with just dropping booze (but not Jägerbombs we hope) from the skies - and on to a thirsty heavy-drinking crowd: well what could possibly go wrong?!

They may have been sold the whizz-bang idea from all the military hype-types telling them about precision targeting and surgical strikes. But knowing as we do the messy actual military truth about collateral damage and indiscriminate killing… the chances of said drink arriving safely into punters fist? We predict a riot. Or lawsuits as a pilot error / malfunction sends an eight-propeller vehicle plummeting into the crowd and it rips someone's face off rather than helping them get off it.

(NB the campsite for the festival is amusingly called District 9. Lets hope it's not full of the prawn sandwich brigade...)

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