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...And Finally...

It’s back to chokey for SchNEWS old mucker Tommy Robinson (or Steven Yaxley-Lennon as he’s known to close friends and family). Now luckily he won’t be alone in there, as a good part of the rest of the EDL is currently getting heavily sentenced for the kind of drunken racist mayhem Tommy used to think was such a good idea.

Of course our pint-sized Fuhrer turned his back, shortly before he was forced to plead guilty to a large scale mortgage fraud back in November. Sentenced today, lil ol’ Tommy he copped 18 months for defrauding two banks into paying out for loans towards a house that he already owned (oh you silly bugger!).

The Judge refereed to him as a “fixer” and explained that he’s someone who manages a well organized ring of fraudulent criminals. Together with his co-defendants he knocked up fake pay slips in order to get bent mortgages from dodgy broker Deborah Rothschild. One of his mates also plead guilty to possession with intent to supply 3.5 grammes of cocaine – surely a tiny fraction of what must have been required to keep them thinking they were going to get away with it.

Hilariously Tommy’s brief tried to get him out of a custodial sentence by pointing out quite how many people hate him now. It’s not just anti-fascists and Choudary’s crowd he’s got to worry about now, Tommy’s footsoldiers are getting locked up at alarming rate and a lot of them ain’t gonna be to happy about how they’ve been hung out to dry. His fame’s also gone global and from his humble origins in Luton he’s managed to get himself onto Somali militia group Al-Shabab’s death list.

Happy Days...

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