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...And Finally...

They've been referred to as the Toytown EDL before now, but the Casuals United have really taken the identity on board with their latest whizzo scheme.

They're planning a trip to Legoland and unfortunately it'll be no fun day out. Why, what's up? Have the little yellow fellows decided to build a plastic mega-mosque near Windsor?

 Well, not quite ... on 9th March the park's been hired by the Muslim Research and Development Foundation for a family day. The organisation is headed by academic Haitam Al-haddad who depending on who you listen to may or may not be an 'extremist' preacher. Certainly his views on wife-beating and homosexuality won't find him any friends here.

Quite how he's going to put those views into practice while playing 'Laser Raiders' or earning his 'Legoland driving licence' is something the fash are unclear on. However our blockheaded friends at Casuals United News Team* are bricking it that the whole trip is cover for a fund-raising beano for the Taliban.

They're planning on a static demo at the park's entrance on the day along with friends from the EDL. Their keyboard warrior division has sprung into action with some vigour and even got Legoland's Facebook page taken down while Thames Valley Police scrutinise the racist scrawlings.

SchNEWS looks forward to a three way exchange of colourful half bricks.

*Their joke - not ours!

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