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...And Finally...

The resistance to fracking just keeps growing....

Locals and friends have occupied the site where Dart Energy intend to drill a test fracking well near Upton in Cheshire. The camp is halfway along Dutton's Lane, off the A41. Postcode CH2 2PE. There's a map on the Frack Free Upton facebook.

Get down there and lend a hand. Take what you hope to find. Local support for the camp seems to be strong, and it's established before any of the fracking equipment arrives. Frack Free Upton say "OUR OPPOSITION IS NON-VIOLENT, BUT IT IS ALSO NON-NEGOTIONABLE"

Barton Moss Camp is still going, although IGas have finished drilling, because protesters are making it slow and expensive to move the drilling rig to the next site. There's now over 115 local groups fighting fracking in their areas.

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