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...And Finally...

Now Sussex Plod are well known for being keen when it comes to booting down a squat door - (nearly as keen in fact as local MP Mike Weatherley, who drafted a whole law to get rid of the filthy blighters.)

Now it looks as if they should have been applying the brute force to their own tradesmen's entrance all along. An 86-year-old man has been forced to resort to legal action against Sussex's Police Crime Commissioner after the force used 'adverse possession' - commonly known as 'squatters' rights' - to acquire the rights for his land.

The force occupied the land 30 years ago, using it as car parking for a manor house they used as a training centre in Haywards Heath. Mr Blyth, whose wife owns the land, realised and complained about the police squatters in 2011, but didn't take the matter further due to ill health.

The police then applied to the land registry for ownership - using the adverse possession argument that they had been using it without complaint for over twelve years. They're now trying to sell the property, including the parking, despite the ongoing legal dispute.

Stung by this even more blatant than usual official hypocrisy SchNEWS rang Weatherley's office to seek answers: Does Mike support the use of squatters' rights by Sussex police force? After being kept on hold for several minutes, we were transferred to Weatherley's researcher who told us, "Adverse possession is not the same thing as squatters' rights". Well clearly when you're the filth it isn't.

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