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Crap Harassment Of The Week

For not giving ATOS...

South Wales Police made a surprise midnight visit to the home of a disability activist who suffers health problems and mental health issues last Friday. Why? They claimed she had committed criminal activity on Facebook by posting comments critical of Atos assessments, the DWP and the Jobcentre. They also queried her political affiliations and asked her whether she had been planning an anti-deportation protest the next day.

After forcing their way into the woman's home, the officers threatened her for being 'very disruptive' - when she was in distress and they hadn't provided a substantial reason for the visit - because she questioned why they were there and refused to show ID without a valid reason. The woman, who suffered from severe anxiety, hid in her bedroom and managed to call a legal observer contact who advised her to ask the police to leave, as she was legally entitled to do.

After a protracted conversation the cops eventually left, but only after changing tack and saying they'd forced their way into her home because they were concerned about her 'welfare'. Calling bullshit on them, the woman has now lodged several Freedom of Information requests in an attempt to find out why the police came knocking in the middle of the night.

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