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Cop Arrest of the Week

It's all over the mainstream news, but "Plebgate" is the story that just keeps on giving. For months now the papers have been full of stories of (now ex) Conservative Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell getting himself busted for being a elite prole-hating piece of Tory scum - having been accused by the police of calling two officers "fucking plebs" after they refused to let him through the gate they were guarding (we think the scandal should have been called "Gategate" but that's another matter).

But now a copper has been arrested accused in turn of having fabricated a witness statement to ensure that the police version of events is believed. That's right, you heard it here: the cops stand accused of being corrupt lying scum.

So at some point the powers that be will have to come down on one side or the other - either officially branding Tories as arrogant snobs or the police as two faced liars. This puts SchNEWS in mind of various other "scum on scum" battles we've witnessed in the past; the ones that leave us cheering on the sidelines and hoping that both sides lose. Tommy Robinson and Nick Griffin's intra-fascist bitch fights stand to mind, as does the Greek "rioting cops vs riot cops" hoo-ha we reported on a while back.

But for us, not even "Alien vs Predator" can beat the infamous 2004 ding-dong that pitted Countryside Alliance inbreds against British riot police thugs outside Parliament Square - for our money still the best moment of enemy-on-enemy action.

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