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Crap Caution of the Week

For a step too far...

As reported to SchNEWS by the victim in question: "I was leaving Camden underworld after The Filaments gig [note for the un-hip: a not as yet over-popular beat-combo] and was entering the Underground station. There was a guy on the escalator in front of me lying down on his front in a superman-esque position, arm outstretched.

"I went to walk around him and, not wanting to tread on his hand, tried to step over it. I slipped slightly and landed on my arse on the step in front of him just before the bottom. As I tried to get up my jacket became caught in the mechanism of the escalator. At this point the met police ran over, and, rather than hit the stop button, PC1381 decided it was a good idea to 'kick me free' and only then stop the escalator. By this point superman had escaped into the night. Even when I explained what had happened I was told I was receiving a caution for misuse of escalators. Official outcome: "Words of advice" as the police said. The cops also told me it was easier to caution me, as I was trapped, rather than for them to catch the superman character."

Pure laziness or lack of kryptonite? We'll never know.

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