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Casuals Story Of The Week

We really probably shouldn't indulge ourselves but something about the ongoing fictionalization of events in Brighton last Sunday by the far-right keeps us heading back to Facebook and Twitter for the latest fantastic developments.

Now you might think the reams of photos of boneheads being kicked all over the pavement/hiding behind the police/ getting bashed on the bonce by flying objects might present a fairly conclusive picture of what happened - but you'd be wrong.

Unfortunately for EDL fashion victims Casualties United - they weren't quick enough with the camcorder when one of their girls (a kickboxing champion no less!) battered seven antifa men unconscious. Now that'd be worth seeing! Unfortunately overcome with modesty the Casuals seem to have disappeared this stirring episode from their Facebook.

In an unconscious admission of what really happened (i.e the fash got kicked all over town) Casuals are pinning all their bullshit on one incident down near the pier - apparently a happening so fearsome no 'commie' dares speak of it. The Casuals crack suicide squad (some of whom had already taken a bit of shoeing) managed to run a vaguely defined number of Antifa (think of a number - quadruple it and add five) and batter them all - glorious stuff!!

Sadly back in boring mundane reality what actually happened was that a small group of Casuals, was confronted by a larger mixed group of anti-fascists. To be fair the Casuals did start when outnumbered and managed to split a girl's head open with an umbrella. They were then put on their arses and two of them (including Steven Sands in what must have been one of the worst afternoon's of his life) got nicked.

One participant observer told SchNEWS "They actually weren't very good at fighting - it was all sort of rush in, try and get the first punch, then grab hold of someone and fall over". Maybe SchNEWS is being unfair and staunch nationalists that the Casuals are they were practising some indigenous form of martial arts - the way of the stunned ferret or some such.

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