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Hoo U Gonna Coal

And Will the Real Climate Camp Please Stand Up?

Coal Has Its Knockers

All White on the Night?

Wrekin Spree

A LIttle Bit of Bully

And Finally

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Campaigners battling plans for an open cast mine on the edge of Telford yesterday unfurled banners across one of Shropshire’s busiest roads. Members of Wrekin Stop War and Wrekin Anarchist Group were bidding to catch the attention of motorists travelling on the M54 past Telford and calling for them to join their protests.

Banners were dropped from the bridge crossing the motorway at Arleston reading “Coal: Leave It in the Ground”, referring to UK Coal’s proposals to create an open cast mine in the New Works area near the Ercall.

Elsewhere, banners proclaiming Telford as “Birthplace of Industry/Womb of Climate Change” were hung from bridges crossing the motorway at the Ercall and Castle Farm Interchange.

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