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For having a train ticket...

Police arrested one man after he attempted to board a train at King’s Cross Station. Police have taken to converging on London station platforms in the hope of catching fare dodgers.

This particular traveller, on his way to the anti-militarism conference in Edinburgh, actually had a ticket, however the ticket inspector said it wasn’t valid till after 6pm. A few heated words ensued. As this was happening five plain clothes police pounced on the ne’er do well, thinking he was one of those pesky fare dodgers, and manhandled him.

It all seemed like it would be written off as a misunderstanding until the cops phoned his details in to the Police National Computer and found out he had been arrested several times on political protests. Hey presto! before you could say ‘politically motivated arrest’ he was handcuffed and carted off to the slammer.


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