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On Wednesday, the fascist BNP entirely failed to relaunch a Brighton and Hove branch as a large and diverse crowd gathered at their meeting point. The BNP told the local papers their meeting had been cancelled due to the unexpected publicity they received. Nevertheless, a few bonehead thugs managed to turn up for the chance to photograph their opponents, although they were a little shy about their politics if anyone had wanted to join their vile ‘party.’

Unite Against Fascism used the opportunity to peddle their hierarchical socialism and a few local politicians turned up to promote the very same political parties that leave people so desperately disillusioned they’ll turn to any alternative, even glossed-up fascism. But in general the crowd was demonstrating a robust and radical opposition to any attempt to expand the BNP in a city famed for its large gay, lesbian and whatever community.

This Saturday (13th) the BNP are trying to have a Xmas party in Crawley. There will be protests at their redirection point at B&Q, London Road, Crawley from 6pm. Other BNP branches are holding Xmas parties in their areas, although these are not generally advertised. Maybe because whenever people do find out about BNP events there’s disruption of one sort or another. This Xmas help the BNP celebrate the birth of an asylum-seeking Palestinian Jew the way they’d want you to...

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