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Frankfurt Airport, in direct competition with Heathrow in the plane stupidity stakes, are definitely back in the game as German company Fraport began work for the expansion of the airport on Tuesday. A planned new runway through the Kelsterbach Forest will claim 100,000 trees in a 300 hectare area of forestry (see SchNEWS 645 ).

The Huttendorf resistance camp, which sprang up in May last year, are busy with actions despite the anticipated eviction attempt from the boys in blue following a police search and photographing of the camp. A 200 metre fence has now been erected by construction workers sectioning off the first of the proposed trees to get the chop. By German law all felling must be completed by March so it looks likely that they will (try) to start up their chainsaws soon. Over a hundred people gathered on Tuesday with flares by the perimeter fence and there are further demos planned all week culminating in a mass action at the airport this Saturday.

* Check out for directions and details of the camp or visit (in German) for more info.


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