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Following the shooting of 15-year old Alexis Grigoropoulos by police, there were weeks of rioting against the Greek police and state ( SchNEWS 659 ). And while things have quietened down it's still kicking off in Greece: Last Saturday, on the anniversary of the 1991 murder of Nikos Temponeras, a professor who was bludgeoned to death by a right-wing activist, youths fought with police following a demo against education reforms.

Many universities and schools across Greece are under occupation by students and the building of the Journalists' Union is occupied by young people and employees in the media. In solidarity with the revolt of December they are also focusing on employment problems and pushing the mainstream media for alternative coverage of the actions.

Such resistance faces repression by the state as the Greek Prime Minister has said he will get tough with the demonstrators. Over 270 people have been arrested in connection with the actions. 67 people have been detained, while 50 immigrants have been rapidly condemned to 18 months of imprisonment followed by deportation. 19 arrestees face charges under the anti-terrorist law.

The war on Gaza has inspired many actions and demos in Greece - and one small victory has been achieved with just the threat of a march taking place. There was a call-out last Saturday by The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calling upon the Greece govt to halt the planned shipment of US arms to Israel from the port of Astakos, and a demo was planned for Thursday. But before it could even take place the shipment was called off. The reasons are unclear but while the international media are saying it was a Pentagon decision, local media are suggesting that it was a nervous Greek government that pulled the plug.

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