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Dunderheads at the BNP PR department are no brainier than any of their election candidates.

Needing a poster for their latest campaign – to evoke the spirit of bulldog Blighty in its finest hour and whip up nationalist fervour as a prelude to blaming foreigners for the state of things - they came up the idea of sticking a picture of a WWII spitfire on it. Well, red-blooded Brits killing foreigners was heroic back then eh? Except er, whoops! It turns out they cut’n’pasted some seemingly generic war plane pic only for it to turn out to actually be one that was part of Squadron 303 – a Polish Air Force squadron! Flying under RAF colours, their contribution to the war effort was far from minor either – during the Battle of Britain they accounted for 12% of all Nazi planes shot down. They come over ‘ere takin’ our jobs...!


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