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Last Sunday a group of students from Brighton locked themselves to the gates of the Israeli state-owned export company, Carmel Agrexco, at their distribution centre in Hayes, Middlesex. They were there to protest against Carmel's complicity in the illegal annexation of the West Bank and the repression of students (see SchNEWS 666).

Both gates were completely blocked for three hours with the police getting the ambulance service to remove one of the blockaders who was superglued. Despite police provocation and searches of all present no-one was arrested as Agrexco do not want their illegal agricultural activities on occupied Palestinian land exposed in court. See

* Last June a rally commemorating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel was held in Trafalgar Square, which saw hundreds of anti-Zionist activists - many of them Jewish - showing up to demonstrate that sixty years of apartheid and ethnic cleansing is nothing to celebrate (see SchNEWS 638). Police were typically heavy handed and arrested many counter-demonstrators for spurious charges while turning a blind eye to aggression by Zionists.

One ‘Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods’ protester was arrested that day for behaviour intended to cause intimidation alarm and distress: dyeing her hands red to symbolise the blood on the hands of the Israeli state. She was due in court yesterday (12th) and a demo was planned outside Horseferry Magistrates Court - however, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the ridiculous charge at the last minute.


Keywords: boycott israeli goods, carmel agrexco, israel, occupied territories, palestine, trafalgar square


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