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Break out the sitars and cue the europop-bhagra! Bring on the sari dancers and set the cameras to Bollywood: “We’ve been together for so long – trusted friends and partners... what more can I pledge to make our future strong?

Heartfelt words indeed. Especially when crooned by a leather jacketed stud to his vulnerable looking lady friend. “I need to feel safe and sheltered – security and protection, commitment and perfection, defence and dedication. Together, forever I will hold you in my heart,” she whimpers in reply.

But who are this heat warming (/vomit inducing) young couple? We can only assume they represent India herself and the swarthy charm of Israeli arms manufacturer Rafael - because this is a promotional video made by Rafael to promote themselves at the Indian defence ministry’s annual air show. Ignore the cringing stereotypes, suggesting India is a helpless virgin in need of a handsome protector, just notice the flower-draped missiles casually adorning the dancefloor and we’re ready for one of the most annoying choruses of all time: “Dinga dinga, dinga dinga, dinga dinga, dinga dinga dee.

And they’re in all deadly earnest (no pun intended of course – but we guarantee you will want to kill somebody by the time the song ends).

This ‘gem’ could easily win’s new competition to find the most excruciating military promotion video – but it’s not a given as every death-seller out there seems proud to display their multi-dimensional complete lack of taste.

Don’t miss BAE systems grinning their way through Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ or the uplifting rockin’ ‘Defense Intelligence Agency’ ad which sets new standards in irony-free corporate-style cheese. These video’s are not to be missed, trust us.

Judge for yourself at

Keywords: arms trade, bae, bollywood, defense intelligence agency, india, israel, rafael


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