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The countdown to Climate Camp London 2009 moves into top gear this week with only 6 days left until the ‘swoop’ on the as-yet-undisclosed site on Wednesday 26th. With activists ready to mobilise up and down the country, anticipation is building within the campaign community and the police rank and file alike. The primary focus of this year’s week long camp (26th August - 2nd September) is being directed towards preparation for the autumn of mass action before the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, which are scheduled for December. 

With no definite plans for a co-ordinated mass action at the gathering, autonomous ‘neighbourhoods’ (made up of regional groups) will be left to themselves to decide on whatever active demonstration they feel necessary. Networking, learning and building are three of the main objectives of the camp. Whether it’s by sharing ideas, meeting like-minded individuals, organising a campaign network, building a wind turbine, facilitating workshops on media relations or making 12v pedal powered generators, Climate Camp is concentrating on producing an accomplished climate force to be reckoned with.

The Met stated their intentions this week to adopt a nicey-nicey approach to this year’s camp after the draconian and invasive procedures used at previous camps at Kingsnorth power station and Heathrow (See SchNEWS 641, 600), pledging to limit the use of surveillance units and stop and search tactics. This will be out of their genuine concerns for the wellbeing of the protesters of course, not the fact that as Notting Hill Carnival falls on the same weekend their resources may be stretched pretty thin...

No matter where you are in the country there will be a local neighbourhood group near you preparing for Wednesday’s swoop. Whether you can come for one day or the full week, meet up with your local group or sign up for the Facebook, Twitter or text updates to be sure you don’t miss it.

* To find out more:

* Desperate to ‘reach the kids’ and garner some 21st century cool PR, the Met have launched their own Twitter to tweet sweet nothings out during the camp – thus proving what we’ve always known – they’re a bunch of twats.

* The South Coast neighbourhood will be having an information and social day at Westhill Hall, Seven Dials starting at 2pm on Saturday 22nd. Come to watch the Climate Camp film, meet local people who will be going to the camp and attend workshops. (Also enjoy a slice of cake and a cup of tea.) 


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