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It was another pasting for the hapless far-right group the English Defence League on 11th September. Together with another group of like-minded half-wits, Stop the Islamification of Europe, they planned to march on the site of London’s biggest mosque in Harrow. A handful of fash were met by nearly 1,000 counter demonstrators and basically run out of town under a hail of bottles and bricks. On eyewitness said “It showed that fascists cannot go looking for trouble in Muslim communities, and if they do try it they risk getting a hiding. It showed that they can’t attract enough of a periphery to back them up in their efforts”.

The same lot tried again to draw attention to themselves on Sunday by protesting against the annual Al-Quds ‘pro-palestinian’ march in the centre of London. According to eyewitnesses around forty EDL types put in an appearance, which means that numbers at least for now seem to be on the decline. This time there was no aggro – possibly due to heavy policing but also because the ‘Al Quds’ march, although concentrating on Palestine, is seen by many on the left as a front for the hard-line Iranian regime.

The EDL’s next few outings are 19th September in Luton (although this is supposed to have been banned by the Home Office), 10th October at Manchester City Centre and 31st October in the Leeds City Centre. Get down there to run them out of town.

Keywords: anti-fascists, english defence league, islamophobia, muslims


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