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Probing the English Defence League’s assertion that they aren’t racist, recently we were perusing their website and stumbled on something that had us coughing up our cups of tea: Clicking on the Forum section of the site, you are met with an ad for mail-order Muslim brides, complete with picture of a pretty Middle-Eastern woman with head-dress but sans burkha. The site it links to – called Muslims For Marriage – does the job of putting you in touch with a range of up-for-it single Muslim women.

So there you have it – when it comes to mail-order brides, the English Defence League don’t mind if their new soul-mate keeps getting up before the crack of dawn to pray to Mecca. Who said the EDF were Islamophobic? If you want to “send ‘em back” – apart from that one special lady – have a look before someone points out the irony to the webmaster and it gets taken offline – see


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