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Wales has been following up their inaugural climate camp with continued action targeting the Ffos-y-Fran opencast coal mine. On Wednesday (23rd) employees arrived for their day’s work to find two climate protesters suspended in nets from the bridge used to transport freshly removed CO2 nuggets and rubble to waiting trains. Most of this is destined for Aberthaw Coal Fired Power Station, the biggest polluter in Wales.

The demonstrators cast their nets at 4am and halted mining works until 2.30pm. Once the two had been rumbled, an enormous turnout of coppers and officials followed, with at least 30 plod shutting down roads around the site. Specialist police climbers abseiled from the bridge in true Mission Impossible style and promptly arrested the campaigners, who were later charged with aggravated trespass after being held in cells for around five hours.

In a slight oversight on the police’s part, one demonstrator was released without any bail conditions and the two were handed back all of their climbing gear with their possessions – obviously the force are not too bothered about a possible re-enactment of the escapade.

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Keywords: climate change, coal, direct action, ffos-y-fran, wales


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