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In 2001 Serbia’s first Gay Pride march ended in disaster after groups of fascists and football hooligans attacked the marchers, hospitalising 20. Despite threats from far right groups, including threats of lynching, LBGT groups tried again this year, organising another march for 20th September.

In preparation, organisers liased constantly with police, but at the eleventh hour the police refused to provide any protection. They then revoked the permit, making it an illegal gathering.

Facing off against 5,000-10,000 fascists and being targeted by cops was not the sort of day anyone had in mind. The offered alternate venue of a field on the outskirts of town was hardly Gay Pride style either and was refused on principal and the march abandoned.

As this goes to press, some of the organizers have already fled the city to lay low after their details, including photos and addresses, were published on a far right website.

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* Solidarity with Serbian LGBT demo today (25th) outside the Serbian embassy in London 3pm-5pm

Keywords: fascism, gay pride, lbgt, serbia


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