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SchNEWS has been worrying about the budget deficit this week. OK, all this anti-cuts action and politicising of the public is a good thing for activism and yes, of course, all ‘deficit’ means  is money being taken from the poor and given to the rich in order to pay for the mistakes they made whilst telling the poor how great it all was – but anyway, we think we’ve solved it.

There are 23m Facebook users in Britain. If we say 8m of them are of working age, and hypothesise that on average they spend just 15 mins of productive time a day having a sneaky (but ultimately mostly shallow and pointless) facebook session, then – you do the maths!

OK, well: 8,000,000 people  x .0.25hours x  250 business days per year x £12 average hourly rate =  £6bn pounds – more or less just the amount of cuts needed per year; and all yer gotta do is pull the plug on Facebook (itself pulling the plug on activists and campaign group pages - see above).

Depriving the CIA of their easiest source of info about what’s going on in the world (or how many drinks you had last night) would be a mere added bonus.

If you axed twitter as well, we’d start running a budget surplus by 2015...


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