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Reckon you’re radical? Well watch your step ‘cos apparently the term’s trademarked. Organisers of the “Radical Media Conference” were shocked to receive a ‘cease and desist’ letter from American  PR company called @radicalmedia LLC. They claimed that they owned the term ‘radical media’ and that any conference using the name  would be “an infringement and passing off of @radical’s valuable intellectual property rights.”

Milan Rai, who received the legal letter on behalf of the conference, summed-up the organisers’ response: “Our collective jaws dropped, how could anyone own an adjective? But, a legal fight could leave us tens of thousands of pounds down, money which - even if we had it – should be spent on more useful, more radical things than legal fees.”

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, the organisers of the conference, which include such street fightin’ class warriors as Red Pepper and the New Internationalist decided to cave in and re-name themselves as the, ahem, Rebellious Media Conference.

Well here at SchNEWS we’re not gonna back away from it – we’re radical media and we’re here to stay – so bring it on you suits and we’ll hav’ya...


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