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Three anti-nuclear protesters await sentencing.

Three anti-nuclear activists were found guilty on Wednesday(8th) in Tennessee.


Sister Megan Rice, 83, Michael Walli,63, and Greg Boertje-Obed,57, who call themselves "Transform Now Plowshares", were charged in 2012 with interfering with national security and damaging government property. It took the jury two and a half hours to find them guilty in a Tenessee court room in 2013. It had taken two hours for them to break in to what was meant to be one of the world's most secure nuclear weapons facility. Back in July 2012,  the three anti-nuclear protesters made their way through Y-12 National Security Complex, a top notch nuclear factory, with nothing but a pair of bolt cutters and some flash lights. See SchNEWS 824. The defendants state the nuclear power plant has since its inception made, maintained or dismantled parts of every nunclear weapon in the country's arsenal.

All three testified in their own behalf in court. They said in a joint statement that they stand by what they did in spite of been found guilty. They said they feel no remorse for their actions and are pleased to have got as far into the complex as they did. Their sentences are due in September and they are looking at up to 20 years in prison. They snipped through some security fences, hung a banner or two and strung a bit of crime-scene tape around the facility and instead of being applauded for highlighting the appaling security measures this confinment lacked (well that was never going to happen but still they should give them some credit) they are looking at 20 years!

The defense argued the charges have been set a tad too high because of the embaressment the break in caused. Bolt cutters and some flash lights... imagine what a seasoned “anything” could do with some gaffa tape and some cable ties... The failings of one of the most formidable nuclear facilities must be slightly unsettling for whomever was meant to be in charge... so you bet they will make the nun pay her hell dues. In her defense she quoted “My regret was I waited 70 years”. The plant provided enriched uranium for the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan back in its hayday and has been the object of protest for many years.

The three defendants are to be senteced on the 23rd September. They are currently in the Irwin County Detention Facility in Ocilla, GA.


You can send letters of support to:

Gregory Boertje-Obed 22090 Irwin County Detention Center 132 Cotton Drive Ocilla GA  31774

Michael Walli 4444 Irwin County Detention Center 132 Cotton Drive Ocilla GA  31774

Megan Rice  22100 Irwin County Detention Center 132 Cotton Drive Ocilla GA  31774

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The second thing you can do is send a letter to Judge Thapar.

They shall beat their swords into plowshares, nations shall learn war no more.
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