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On April the 30th, Smash EDO activists gathered outside EDO MBM, currently trading as ITT Excelis, to oppose them designing and making parts for weapons such as Paveway bombs (which killed lots of civilians in Iraq) and more recently, parts for drones.

Noise demos have always been an important part of the Smash EDO campaign but have sometimes been just a little contentious, with the police trying a variety of tactics to make people shut up. The company tried to silence the campaign with an injunction but succeeded only in encouraging loads more people to join the protests.

One protester at this recent bad music demo told SchNEWS: “Scenes were good as police remained calm when presented with amplified music. They also allowed us to stand on the pavement next to the exit, as employees left the building in cars. The vibe was peaceful and positive with passers by waving in support. Smash EDO really seems to be kicking off again as more newcomers arrived on the protest.”

A few years ago Schnews created a documentary on the Smash EDO campaign called “On The Verge”. Check it out!

As well as noise demonstrations, Smash EDO held a “Fly kites not drones” solidarity event. Due to both these recent events, there has been coverage from local media about their re-rise to popularity.

With the invasion of modern technology, you can now tweet Smash EDO to get involved!


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Added By: concerned of brighton - 14th May 2014 @ 4:52 PM
stop trolling. This is a post about Smash EDO, not about Ukraine. And pro-Russian separatists are not anti-fascists by the way.
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Israeli arms dealers do business at Farnborough Airshow even as the bombs drop on Gaza.


We started writing about three interesting but unrelated things happening in June. Here is an amalgamated version, which is worth a read.

A national week of solidarity with Afghanistan - drone capital of the world - takes place with Fly Kites Not Drones day, with our local event hosted by anti-militarists Smash Edo.

We got the low down on what's happening in the beseiged Gaza strip from Corporate Watch's Tom Anderson, and how the international BDS movement can support Gazan Palestinians. 

Every year Smash EDO campaigners hold a Halloween themed noise demonstration outside the arms factory in Brighton, as another way of remembering the dead the EDO ITT corporation is responsible for killing.

Three anti-nuclear activists are found guilty in a Tenessee court room and now wait to be sentenced after breaking into a top US nuclear weapons facility.

'Ground the Drones' demo to take place in Lincoln this Saturday as UK expands armed drone programme - and international resistance to the Drone Wars amps up.

Recent announcement by Environmental Agency grants permits to EDF aiding the production of nuclear energy at Hinkley Point C.

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