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The travellers community in South Brent, Devon has been ousted out

The travellers site in South Brent has now been illegally evicted.

The eviction order was for the end of July but not so surprisingly the vultures swooped on the 27th of June, way before their allocated date. The site in South Brent is classified as commercial property. It cannot be build upon. So rather than having a community of people living there with kids in tow, supporting local businesses with their custom, the land owners would rather use it as a dump wasteland. They still haven't exactly explained what they are going to do with the land.

Schnews spoke to someone on site. No police or bailiffs turned up to evict them, but just three heavies from the Dartmoor National Trust. “They were trying to be forceful and were giving it large but ended up having to play it cool, as they didn't want a situation in their hands.” When people on site questioned the legality of it all the reply they got was the usual just doing their job spill. “They were being polite, but Hitler was probably polite.” The people on site put boulders up and set up ditches to stop them from entering and that got them ten more days. The land is not even owned by Dartmoor National Trust. It is owned by four people and according to the source SchNEWS spoke to not all of the owners were contacted before the eviction took place (so that is all totally legit).

Locals have not been informed of what the plans are for the site now that this community has been evicted. The local shops have been badly hit as they have lost so much custom. Who will eat the bread and drink all the brew now all those families have gone?

There are three people left on site at the moment. It is a beautiful spot to park up for the summer so if any revellers are out there that have some whoomph left in them, it is still not too late to join.


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