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A long standing travellers community is under attack in South Brent, Devon.

Travellers under attack!

There is a travellers community under attack in South Brent that needs support. The site has been there since 2007, and at some point had over 40 families living there. Since then some families left of their own accord. The public response has been in support of the site, the local people are behind the travellers and have no objections to travellers living there.

As it stands the site cannot be build on, it is in between two roads, a waste bit of industrial land. It could have been left to sustain the families that are living there now. A spokesperson from Marley Head said tunnels have started in the old service station fuel tank, there are two of them to play with. Two months ago there was a meeting between the council and the travelling community at the conservative club where, Sarah Wollaston, conservative MP, agreed they wouldn't come near the site unless someone complained. No locals did. The arrangement was they would let them stay until the school term was over. Dartmoor National trust weren't satiated with that. The council are now illegally evicting the South Brent traveller community and have cut their time from the 25th July to 25th June!

SchNEWS spoke to someone on site: “This is going to be another Dale Farm, we have families and kids here!”. If you can support please get down there and show solidarity! The site needs all the obvious materials such as pallets, pollyprop, winches etc.. and of course people power. There are old activists from Newbury there to get the spring chickens going. So get down there! Without help and support this will be another example of the Conservative government wiping out a community they do not deem suitable to their standards.


If you want to get in touch use their facebook page: Save Marley Head

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Yes it's Christmas again and apparently the season of good will to all, unless you are a Traveller. For instead of celebrating the winter solstice and preparing for the Christmas festivities like the rest of the nation; travellers In Brighton, and around the country, are preparing to up sticks and find somewhere else to put their homes, as many sites face eviction only days before xmas.

The Cigarrones travellers' site is one of several communities which have sprung up near Orgiva in Andalucía, Spain, in recent decades. Coming to the southern tip of Europe to escape the repression against travellers in Britain and elsewhere, they have carved out a life of avin' it autonomous anarchy - despite increasing attention from tinpot local authorities who act like Franco is still in. Since 1997 the site has held the annual Dragon Festival - now arguably one of the most significant free festivals in Europe - but this is also under attack. Here is a brief history written by a resident of Cigarrones:

Last Thursday (20th) after a month long struggle of battles and barricades, the Dale Farm residents and Camp Constant supporters walked off the site, leaving their homes to the bailiffs' tools of destruction.

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