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On December the 14th Anonymous are taking to the streets of Manchester to reignite Project Chanology, the first ever campaign organised by the Anon collective which saw the destruction of Scientology popularity in the UK (one example). The protest follows recent news that the Church of Scientology will be allowed religious status and the power to host marriages. Many define Scientology as a cult or a business rather than a religion.

Anons have themed the protest as a Christmas event and would like people to hand out general fliers beforehand to spread the message. It is rumoured that Elves, Reindeer and even Anonymous Santa will be there to spread the joy.

Despite there not being much publicity, Anons have been picketing there for a while. Only now are they advertising the event for members of the public. Their site contains years of photos with happy moments. We got an interview with one of the protesters who had this to say “...there will be more cake!”.

In Texas, a former Scientology leader is suing the church for harrassment after 4 years of members stalking him and his wife. Such harassment of opponents seems to be a policy of the church.

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