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Occupation Profiteers Ecostream Say Adieu to Brighton

In the end it was a triumph of dogged persistence. For approaching two years now around thirty Palestine supporters have been regularly picketing the Ecostream store in Brighton under the broad banner of "Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS). On Tuesday workmen were seen taking down the signs and today Sodastream confirmed that their flagship store was about to close.

See Eco-Maniacs

Ecostream is a showcase store owned by Israeli company Sodastream who manufacture goods in the illegal settlement of Ma'ale Adumin on land confiscated from the Palestinians who lived there. During these two years Ecostream have tried and failed to sneak their way into the green conscience and deep pockets of Brighton residents.

At the beginning the store was picketed every Saturday by the Brighton Palestine Solidarity Campaign, so far – so normal. However the real intrigue began with the arrival of the Zionist massive. An eclectic bunch of outright bigots and Christian fundamentalists they counter-protested shouting strange slogans like "Free Frankenstein" and "Boycott the Boycotters".  . According to one regular pro-Palestine attendee “Their main tactic was a long way from making reasoned argument – they basically set out to harass us off the street with provocative filming and personal abuse.”



They call  themselves "Sussex Friends of Israel"  (SFI) and are headed up by one Simon Cobbs.   Mr Cobbs's followers counter-protested the BDS picket at every opportunity and according to our interviewee “clumsily pretended to care about the environment, women's rights, racism, gay and transgender rights, etc while at the same time speaking out against green issues, belittling women, making offensive racist comments that the EDL would avoid and welcoming Julie Burchill”.

The shop has always worked very closely with the SFI, even ringing Cobbs to inform him when any random mid-week BDS demos occurred so that he could turn up and give them grief.

The conflict escalated as both demo and counter-demo grew and the pavement on Western Rd was crowded with Israeli and Palestinian flags every Saturday. The Zionists got themselves rave reviews in the Jewish Chronicle and at times even seemed to be gaining the upper hand

“SFI's central argument seems to be based on the belief that anything since the wheel was invented in Israel and that the world should be grateful and that BDS are not only anti-semites but they smell too.   Mr Cobbs, it seems, knows how to throw a good party but not much else. He spends most of his time with his phone camera filming BDS members and then posting his short clips on his Facebook page which are avidly consumed by his adoring followers who are mostly equally crazed Zionists scattered around the world. In short the scene outside Ecostream has, for two hours every Saturday, resembled a playground and at other times the shop looks as empty as Simon Cobbs's good character. It is obvious that they make no more than about £6.85 a day.”



Both sides were entrenched in this very peculiar war of attrition and the announcement has come as a bolt from the blue. SFI said in a letter to their supporters “As some of you may be aware Ecostream was closed yesterday afternoon by its management. Neither I nor any of SFI received any notification of this”

 “The Sussex Friends of Israel spin is that the shop failed due to a lack of customers and that the regular pickets that had become a Brighton tourist attraction/iritation were nothing to do with it at all. Yeah OK. What is clear is that Simon Cobbs and his SFI cronies were kept in the dark about the shop's decision which they found out about long after BDS and must now be feeling like they've been used and cast aside as "useful idiots".  

"The campaign against the Ecostream shop is won and an important victory for Brighton but the global campaign against Sodastream and the on-going boycott continues".

Schnews salutes the dogged dedication and determination of the BDS campaigners and congratulates them on their important victory. 

There are 134 comments on this story...
Added By: Edward Wise - 2nd July 2014 @ 1:29 AM
A very misguided and one sided account. It was obvious from the outset the shop would close, not because of the efforts of the BDS, but because the shop was not a viable proposition. You cannot make a shop in Western Rd pay its way, by selling dried goods and sweets, and a half dozen sodastreams per day. It started as an experiment, and SFI knew the shop would actually have closed its doors much earlier, if not for the efforts of the BDS. There's nothing like the ravings of the boycotters to make a good Jewish company dig its heels in. At the end of the day, SFI were not there because of the shop, although it might have started that way. The Brighton public have long held the view that the BDS are a bunch of unwashed weirdos, taking up space in front of the clock tower. They do however have a certain influence among the naive and easily influenced. SFIs job is to inform the wider public of the truth about Israel. Now EcoStream has closed, it will be so much easier to follow the BDS around, standing against them wherever they turn up. It will be our pleasure to see them thrown out of such places as Robert Dyas and Sainsburys. We hope they will enjoy having us on their backs for evermore. Oh, and please don't kid yourselves that you knew EcoStream was closing before SFI did.
Added By: Truthful Realist ! - 2nd July 2014 @ 9:26 AM
What ! .... Not just one sided and incredibly filled with lies and misinformation but accusations that are totally untrue ! As far as making reasoned argument, no one in the PSC/BDS were even "allowed " to discuss any topic when asked a simple question ! They were under orders ! And what's this twaddle about their regular supporters being 30?in the week they had six and on a Saturday average about 12 ! NEVER 30 regulars and our photographs prove it totally....and their heavily supported marches ! Well Well Well ! Apart from their very first one ALL of the rest being a dismal failure ! The last three marches in reverse order ....ONE marcher ! Then TWO marchers ! And their largest recent one EIGHT ! And two of those were photographers ! All documented and videoed !

So they do just exagerate just a teensy bit .....and that is on everything in their article........
Everyone knows that Ecostream was just an experiment with regard to the eco part of the business as the Sodastream part has been very successful ALL over the UK in EVERY town........It closed not because of the BDS protest but because it was a poor idea in a poor location ! But that did not matter because the company got the results that they were after and knew that the bottom line was that the experiment had failed....Bad location,Poor Shopfront, and no windows .......So don't pat yourselves on the back yet BDS/PSC ! This is just the beginning !

Added By: Lord Godfrey - 2nd July 2014 @ 11:23 AM
The Christian Zionists are on the warpath.
Added By: Anonymous - 2nd July 2014 @ 11:43 AM
If you felt that Sussex Friends of Israel ridiculed you each week, with what you call 'strange slogans' amongst other things, then you're very observant, because thats precisely what the BDS deserved.

If you're going to stand on the street and recite utterly biased, sometimes fabricated, stories in an attempt to persuade a predominately uninformed public then you need to expect be scorned for it, because you were never objective in any of your arguments and always totally one sided.

If you can only talk about the symptoms of a problem and never the cause, then you are NOT qualified to be influencing the public.

Standing outside shops unchallenged, harassing pedestrians from going inside, needed to stop and that is exactly what various members of the public from all walks of life and backgrounds agreed, coming together to form Sussex Friends of Israel, as a reaction to YOUR efforts. So well done for that at least.

It became clear that the only discussion your BDS leaders would allow were those with people who knew very little or nothing about the conflict and who would swallow your anti-Israel slant on things. Any engagement by SFI members to present the other side of the story was met with a complete refusal to speak or answer any questions. No defence of your position, just a tirade of abusive insults (although I must say that was predominately from one of your elderly grey haired female members) but anyone who was actually honest enough to get involved in an open conversation was quickly 'persuaded' not to, by another senior BDS member, with a whisper in the ear to be quiet and move away.

I guess the BDS adopt the motto 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story'. Unfortunately for them, SFI do not share this view and will continue to confront the lies by presenting the WHOLE truth... and having a good laugh at your stupidity in the process.
Added By: Loyal SFI Supporter - 2nd July 2014 @ 3:55 PM
It's true. I would often ask one of the "great unwashed" soap-dodgers what they thought about the exploitation of Frankenstein and they would just look at me with disdain, mutter something about Palestine (whoever he is) and call me a Christian Loon. Unbelievable. They just don't care or are too ignorant to argue the facts with a well informed woman like me.

You never see anything about the plight of Frankenstein on the BBC which just shows how biased and lefty they are. I have written to them about this many times. Don't get me started on that issue. :(

But when the time comes I will be able to look the creator in the eye because I cared enough to stand up against these idiots when I could have been shopping in BHS (although I'd do that afterwards and have a nice cup of tea and chin wag). Mary Shelley may, like me, have just been a girl and not a real person but I for one care about her creation.
Added By: Jaimie. - 2nd July 2014 @ 4:33 PM
A very clearly biased piece of writing. It would be far more beneficial to take time learning the real history behind this issue, on BOTH sides! Rather than regurgitating one sided stories and arguments only to the agreement of readers who already share you're clearly anger driven opinion.
Added By: Jo Makepeace - 2nd July 2014 @ 5:27 PM
"A very clearly biased piece" - unlike, say, your puff piece in the Jewish Chronicle.
Added By: BDSWin - 2nd July 2014 @ 7:06 PM
SFI must take some credit for getting the shop closed down. Making a horrible racket, blowing duck whistles in peoples faces. chanting "boycott the boycotters" and playing loud out-of-tune music, on what should have been the shop's busiest day was not a very wise move.
Added By: Glenda - 3rd July 2014 @ 1:19 AM
These useful idiots have spent the last 2 years supporting the Ecostream store in Brighton which they are now claiming they always knew would fail. Strange people but I'm sure the Lord Jesus approves of their folly and who are we to argue with Him...
Added By: Anonymous - 3rd July 2014 @ 1:56 AM
Good to hear you're finally waking up Glenda, because as you probably know, its not really about a shop in Brighton is it. It's about a much a bigger issue that is far more important.
Just like your boycott of Sodastream isn't really about putting 500+ Palestinians out of work is it...oh sorry, actually IT IS, because thats exactly what you're endeavouring to do. Thats right, because you're happy to potentially subject those families to destitution, all in the name of your 'good cause'. Sticking your nose in with all your unwanted interference, whilst you live your cushy little life over here in comfort, conveniently never having to do a days work yourself but telling other people how they should live theirs.
How interesting you're so quick to mock Jesus and bring Christianity into the subject but never had the guts to scoff at your own Muslim supporters for their beliefs. Hypocrisy and cowardice springs to mind.
Some anarchist you are (even if you do say so yourself) The only thing you're truly resisting is a good bottle of shampoo ;)
Added By: Anonymous - 3rd July 2014 @ 7:38 AM
not to this article but maybe you noticed that the pdf of SchNEWS 859 is damaged. pls fix it.
Added By: mick - 3rd July 2014 @ 9:21 AM
Thank you Brighton public for voting with your feet and wallets in not supporting human rights abuses and violations of international law.

I have passed on this great news to my Palestinian Christian friends, many of whom are confused as to why so many brothers and sisters in Christ are blindly funding the massive effort in dehumanisation, dispossession and oppression in order to expel them from their land.

Salam, shalom, peace in Christ.
Added By: BDSWin - 3rd July 2014 @ 9:24 AM
Useful idiots Simon Cobbs and his cronies vow to continue supporting SodaStream despite being kicked in the teeth by the parent company who gave them no advanced warning of the closure of the shop. Poor Cobbs only found out when he drove past the shop the following morning and saw that it was closed.
The company also shut down their Facebook page, Twitter account and website without a word of thanks to their customers of supporters. "This site is no longer operational." is apparently the best they can do.
Added By: WandaGanda - 3rd July 2014 @ 11:58 AM
Having read this article, what it really means is that yet more people of Brighton have lost their jobs! How dare this motley crew of pavement wasters, who have annoyed the citizens of Brighton for years, with their aggressive, in your face stance, actually brag about the fact that because of them, jobs have been lost. I don't know anything about the conflict between the Israrlis and Palestinians, and to be honest I don't want to know. Like most people in this town, I have enough problems of my own. But when scum like these people, force BRIGHTONIANS to lose their jobs, I'd like to boycott you and drive you off the street. Go and make yourself usefull by helping old people do their gardens or something.
Added By: Anonymous - 3rd July 2014 @ 12:11 PM
haha, 'BDSWin', all I can say is you lot are so naive...
So, using your own dumb logic I assume you intend to stop boycotting altogether now Ecostream has closed?
Or maybe you'll wake up and realise that for those of us who support Israel, who want to see it continue to exist, who want to promote its right to safety and ultimate peace, its not about a shop in Brighton. Its about standing up against your cult and countering your brainwashed attitudes.

Added By: Jilly - 3rd July 2014 @ 1:35 PM
All of the many SFI supporters, know the Brighton BDS tell porkies. We have watched and laughed as they advertise marches that only two people and a stray dog attended. We have chuckled as they show photos of huge banners and people with duct tape stuck over their mouths, and say how many were on their side, while the truth was we out talked them, out sang them, out leafleted them, 80/20. Who will ever forget the video of dear old Dick ( he so hated being called that ) totally losing the plot, and being led away by the police, stumbling as he went. We will forever puzzle over the time they dragged a huge brown object onto the pavement. Draped in flags and wrapped in chains, we had bets between ourselves as to what it represented. Looking like a cross between an enormous pile of dog doo doos, and Tracy Emins unmade bed, we are still none the wiser. Even Tony Greenstein, self appointed leader of the motley crew, caused huge amusement with his weekly blog, that was so outrageously, libellously untrue. We used to look forward to his little piece and felt very disappointed when ill health caused him to stop. One of the good things about EcoStream closing, is it has given Tony a much need boost, and he has come out with all his might to write a VICTORY blog. He has left no stone unturned, with doctored videos of SFI misdemeanours, bleatings about rotten policemen who arrested them and not us, rants about Nazi loving, Christian fundamentalists, who want to blow the whole world to smithereens, in order to hasten the coming of Jesus. It's brilliant. It's sensational. Tony, who I have been genuinely sorry to see looking so unwell, has pulled out all the stops in this, his finale. The only problem is, there is no finale. The BDS, dimmer than we ever dreamed, think its all over. That SFI was all about a shop. That now said shop had closed, SFI goes away. I wonder if they will ever wake up and realise the shop was simply a catalyst. It was the means of bringing together a huge group of people, from all over the country and even the world, who have a common aim. To support Israel, and inform the public to the lies of the BDS. To get involved in the community, schools, education, all if which the boycotters know nothing. Why would they? They are simply pawns in their own game. As for the band of loyal people who meet on the street on a Saturday, nothing's changed except perhaps the location. Holiday season is coming up so various people are away at times, but where the BDS are, spreading their lies, you will also find us.
Added By: Mike Waterman - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:10 PM
I stood outside EcoStream most weeks with a copy of Socialist Worker under my arm and a hugely amusing ridiculous hat where I pushed my ears down and I was generally met with ridicule and mirth. I am so sorry that I spent any time at all protesting against Israel and EcoStream. All the other BDS 'friends' of mine have been horrid to me recently. They also said rude things about my hat and I have decided to be pro Israel in the future. After all, I have listened to both sides now and realise that SFI were the ones talking sense. I am very sorry for my hateful behaviour.
Added By: Ann Hallam Brighton PSC - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:20 PM
Added By: Ann Hallam Brighton PSC - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:25 PM
Added By: Dick LaBritain - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:29 PM
Mike, I carnt beleeve youv ritten that. Those SFI people are always tryin to get me into trubbol. Blowin things in my face that send me nuts and make me lose the plot an stuff. You no how I always lose the plot whenever enny one blows a wisol in my face an fings like that. You've always told me that we don't like the peepol from SFI becos they wash and stuff and now here yu r saying yur sorree to them. Wy dont u say sorree to me for for callin me thick as a brick dick. I feel so mad u can have your socalist werker toilet paper back. Dick.
Added By: Dick LaBritain - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:36 PM
Why is granny Hallam just ritin her name but not writin other stuff. But stoopid if u ask me
Added By: Mike Waterman - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:38 PM
I don't know why you're having a pop at me Dick. I was always nice to you and I let you try my hat once.... Those whistley things were very annoying but now that I am in SFI, I am allowed one. I am so happy. Come with us Dick, I don't think you're a useful idiot, I think you're nice and we can have lunch and everything, like proper friends. SFI have cake and you like cake, I like cake. Love you.
Added By: Ann Hallam - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:44 PM

You never know when you have lost, do you SFI ! Unlike myself who upon rising in the morning and looking in my mirror, and asking who is the fairest of them all, and the mirror won't even talk with me !
It was never like this when I was a stunt double for a balding, ageing badly cabbage patch doll !
I used to have it very hard you know when I first started out working part time for Better Ware , test driving broomsticks for them !

I never really wanted to be a spokesperson for PSC/BDS ....but they needed a figure head who could drone on and on and on in the same monotonous boring repetitive tone saying the same bigoted lies with that smug expression that I am so very good at .... !
We all knew down here at Brighton PSC headquarters that it was all going to end in tears for us at some time with this extremely hollow victory of ours .....
So what I am really asking you lovely SFI folk is could you have a little look into
your warm generous hearts and consider forgiving me for my ugly soul,ugly outlook on life but most of all my ugly face :(
Added By: Glenn Williams - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:44 PM
I need a hanky.
Added By: Sarah Cobham - 3rd July 2014 @ 3:55 PM
I would have posted earlier but I am trying to get a whole fleet of Brighton buses removed from my mouth !
Added By: Dick LaBritain - 3rd July 2014 @ 4:08 PM
I love Ann Hallam. I am upset now. Don't say horid things. She is bewtiful and charming and speaks nice..... I want too marryy her. She wos nice two me and smiled at me, i think it was smiling... wun ov the SIF sayd it wos wind. I love cake.
Added By: Sarah Gobham - 3rd July 2014 @ 4:30 PM
Added By: Russell the ........Runt - 3rd July 2014 @ 4:43 PM
Bl - - - y f - - - ing morons. Ooooh , Ooooh, They won't let me join them cos they think I might spit at them. I told them, when you suck lemons all day you can't spit, but they just don't want me.
Added By: Dick LaBritain - 3rd July 2014 @ 4:54 PM
Sarah, why do u hav to be so loud... It's bad enuf that your ugly. Ann is lovleye and your nott. Did eny1 ever tel u thatt your very lowd. I av seen people's ears bleed when your there. So there nuh.
Added By: PS Mark Redbourne - 3rd July 2014 @ 5:36 PM
I'm so glad the SFI have taken their childish personal abuse on to these pages so I don't have to deal with it any more non-stop week-in, week-out. It's now a moderator problem and not mine. Hooray.
Added By: Russell the ........Runt - 3rd July 2014 @ 6:00 PM
Ooooh Sargent Redbourne
How do you do
I wanted to go to prison
And I ended in the zoo.

After all the trouble I caused I just want to apologise to you. I would really like to join SFI now but they won't let me.
Added By: Shrieky - 3rd July 2014 @ 6:03 PM
It's not fair! I was enjoying shrieking to myself (no one else payed any attention) and it wasn't fair that the nasty BDS only let me out occasionally JUST COZ I keep nearly shattering Mike's glasses!!

Added By: Yassaaaah - 3rd July 2014 @ 6:24 PM
One day I was allowed out for more than an hour and I met my frend glen and he said that I should come to play with him at a shop. Becos I like shops and I like glen i said yes so we went to the shop and I told glen I wanted to buy sum nice things but glen said no you cant we have to stand here and be sad and look sad and I woz sad becos i wanted to buy some nice things then sum peeple came along with some lovely blue and wite flags and started shouting at glen and and me and so I wos even more sad and then sum of the peeple with the nice flags started to sing and dance and I wanted to sing and dance but glen said no you must look sad and you must not dance so I was even more sad. Now the shop is closed and I told glen and he was happy and smiled but i was sad and i looked sad becos i wanted to see the nice flags and hear the nice music and dance but now it is good becos I have just been told that the nice peeple with the nice flags and the nice music and dancing are going to keepfollowing glen wherever he goes now glen is sad and he says i should stay sad but shhh this is a secret... I am not sad I am going to see the nice peeple again so I am happy!
Added By: Simon Cobbs - 3rd July 2014 @ 6:41 PM
I'd like to apologise for the childish name calling from one of our Christian Sisters. Unfortunately the Christian Zionists have taken over our group to a certain extent, they think they're a cut above and I've really had enough of it. Of course I know they are nothing without me and that they'll never hack it in the long term.

They really are slightly obsessed and frankly mental and you can bet I'll be watching my back when the Rapture comes with these freaks around.
Added By: Glenn Williams - 3rd July 2014 @ 7:40 PM
That's not Simon Cobbs! He is more articulate than that.... I love him very much. I wish I were him. Where's my hanky? Camera on a stick anyone?
Added By: Terry yASSon - 3rd July 2014 @ 7:46 PM
Sorry everyone. The other post wasn't really from Simon. It was from me. Very unexpected I know, that for the first time in my life I've had an attack of conscience. I can hardly believe it, as I spend most of my time swearing and cursing at people and making lewd remarks about them. That's when I'm not off to LighterLife, my favourite occupation when I'm not breathing my rancid breath over people. I'd ask Glen for a breath mint, but he wouldn't know what they were.
Added By: Jilly - 3rd July 2014 @ 8:04 PM
He is indeed and I love him too. I often get him to correct the grammar and spelling when I do my posters. I'm SFI's poster girl you know. A household name for my sins.

My family love Simon too. My daughter does as well although she's way too decent for our family and I'm often quite horrible to her because she's so goody goody and I really hate that. All that concern for people really does my head in.

My son Daniel loves him too although he really doesn't respect me like he should - just like his bloody dad. Zorian's OK he respects me a bit more than Daniel but I think he is a bit weak but not sure how he feels about Simon.
Added By: BDSWin - 3rd July 2014 @ 8:07 PM
Sussex Friends of Israel really showing their maturity by spamming Schnews with trolling accounts.
No wonder the local Board of Deputies representative disowned the lot of them a couple of weeks ago.
Added By: Lisa - 3rd July 2014 @ 8:38 PM
We 'av more fun than you, we 'av more fun than you, we 'ave more fun than you, we 'av more fun than you...... Join in.
Added By: Jilly - 3rd July 2014 @ 8:47 PM
We do Lisa. I'm really having fun here. Shame the campaign's over as I was thinking of retiring as SFI poster girl and always thought you could take over. Of course you are nowhere near as attractive as me but we can't all be perfect and you could have given it a good go. Oh well. When my holidays are over (a week's moped tour on the Isle of Man) we can discuss it further. We do have fun don't we.
Added By: Janet Pavone - 3rd July 2014 @ 8:48 PM
I've just caught up with this post. Being some old rag thats esp written for all the old Trotsky's in Brighton, its not high in the popularity stakes. And let's face it, I'm too busy limping around giving everyone the finger. I do however find it amusing that my comrades are pretending to be members of SFI, and even pretending to be members of SFI, pretending to be members of the BDS. I never realised just how devious they could be and I've been in this game for what feels like a hundred years. Now if it wasn't for the fact that my face might crack I would even muster up
a laugh. As it is I'll just continue to give the finger.
Added By: Yassaaaah - 3rd July 2014 @ 8:57 PM
I arsked my friend glen if I may sing Lisa's song and he sed no cos we arnt alloud fun. I am sad agane.
Added By: Jilly - 3rd July 2014 @ 9:07 PM
Oh dear Yassaaaah never mind. Maybe you should come over to our side. I'd look after you and you could join the family - I'm good like that and believe me God is watching. I promise not to resent you too much so long as you don't go around caring about people like my bloody daughter does. And maybe you could stop Daniel finding fault in every darn thing I do but I do warn you he's a big bloke so that might be a big ask.
Added By: Yassaaaah - 3rd July 2014 @ 9:24 PM
I'm sad now cos I fink it is very crule when sumwun is pretending to be sumwun else and making me fink that sumwun wants to be my friend when I no that glen is my friend and he is the wun wot looks after me and always tells me wot to say he sez if I stay wiv him he mite by me a tamboreen and I can start my own band and make up songs about how grate the BDS are but he says they must all be sad and I must sing them in a miner key so that nowun wants to dance. I sed that i thort glen had stopped being frends with miners and his friend arfur when I was very little and glen sed that I shud not be such a smarty pants that has made me sad.
Added By: Jilly - 3rd July 2014 @ 9:39 PM
Yassaaaah please forget this loser now. He is leading you on a path of destruction. Come to our church and we will point you to the light. I mean, and I don't mean to boast, but we were on "Songs of Praise". Yes you heard it right only Songs of Bleeding Praise (forgive me Lord). You can be part of our family but please just head towards the true light and leave this glen. He is the devil and he is after your soul.
Added By: Jo Makepeace - 3rd July 2014 @ 9:46 PM
At some point I'm going to take my ball home but for now it's quite amusing.
Added By: Mr Karma - 3rd July 2014 @ 9:53 PM
You dish it ..You get it ! Get It ? What goes around comes around !
For Two years almost we have had to put up with your lies and bigotry,
Have you actually read what you have written ? Not very nice accusing folk of being bigoted racist homophobic etc etc...and joining and supporting an organisation that has direct ties to Hamas that wants to murder the entire Jewish population and drive them into the sea ! We have repeatedly heard on many occasions your Jew haters state "from the river to the sea" and your band of easily led ill informed folk stating that they want a one state solution ! Palestine ! Do you really believe that is going to happen ? because if you do then you really are more stupid than you act !
Do you know why we ridiculed you all each week ? No ? Well let us tell you..It is simply because you are ridiculous !
We have observed you all , year in year out protesting about anything and everything possible ! Do you know that you are all known in this local area as" the usual suspects " because you are all so so predictable

If you do actually have a modicum of intelligence between you , you most certainly don't show it......Ecostream was just the beginning ! The best is yet to come ! May the good Lord go with you !
Added By: Jilly - 3rd July 2014 @ 9:57 PM
Jo. So typical. You Stalinist Anarchists are all the same. We try to engage in meaningful then you try to shut us down. Shame on you all. I will pray for you.
Added By: Yassaaaagh - 3rd July 2014 @ 10:14 PM
Oh jo plees dont take your ball home. I will be sad and so will my friend glen. I fink that glen is pretending to be one of the nice peeple with the blue and white flags and if he is then he is being norty and you shuld tell him off but he is only being silly and trying to make me laff becos he saw how sad I wos when he stopped me singing and dancing but i will show him i am making a song to sing and it wont be about miners and it will be happy and that will make me smile and it will be about how the nice peeple are right and how glen and those peeple that pretend to be his friends but there not I am glens frend and they had better not try to be or I will be extra sad... it will be about how they are all horrible and fibbers and i will call it a happy name.
Added By: Yassaaaagh - 3rd July 2014 @ 10:18 PM
glen is very angry with me and says that i have made him sad and that i must go to bed now without any sugarpuffs. I am extra sad but I do hope that nice lady jo lets me play tomorrow.
Added By: Norman Tebbit - 3rd July 2014 @ 10:29 PM
And you thought I was bonkers.
Added By: Giuseppe Verdi - 3rd July 2014 @ 11:42 PM
Added By: Ann Hallam. - 3rd July 2014 @ 11:55 PM
Added By: Boo - 3rd July 2014 @ 11:57 PM
Added By: Ann Hallam - 4th July 2014 @ 12:04 AM
Added By: Yassaaaagh - 4th July 2014 @ 7:06 AM
I gotted up very early to do this before glen wakes up and i hope yoo lie it. I have written it all myself and I like to sing it to the same tune as an old song that my grandad used to sing corld the gurl from ipanema. It has made me a bit happy. (I lurned sum punkuashon for it as well!)

I'm so sad cos glen is bad, cos he wont let me go to the shop, where the people sing and dance and laugh
And I'm so sad, I think glens mad, cos now he says the shop is gon and we can all go home and have a bath
And glen he is very unhappy, cos all of the peeple from saturday
will follow him all round until doomsday and laff at bad things that he says
So I dont fink that SFI are going away I think they'll stay and make my sad face smile when Im in town
Now I'm not sad but glen is mad just like his friends they're round the bend they only thing that they will do is frown
Added By: Glen Williams - 4th July 2014 @ 8:18 AM
You're a two faces little toerag Yasssssssssserrrrrrr.
Added By: Annn Hallam - 4th July 2014 @ 8:27 AM
Don't get me started about daughters. My bloody daughter is a right pain in the you know what. I spent half my life brainwashing her to be a good leftist, Marxist, weirdoist , like me, and what happens. She spends half her life on the other side of the world cuddling furry animals! Rabid dogs, mangy cats, you name it she hugs it. She probably does it to look cute, but as she has my features there's not much chance of that. Every now and then she has to come back to Brighton to see her old ma, but her friends tell me she hates it. She moans and whines about having to be here, ungrateful wretch.
Added By: Annn Halloumi - 4th July 2014 @ 8:38 AM
In fact I've made myself so upset now I'm going to have to go and stroke Sarah. She's much better than a furry animal, she's sort of larger and hairier and squashier, but oh my word, if she gets stroked in the wrong place she shouts like a stuck pig.
Added By: The Queen - 4th July 2014 @ 8:46 AM
Orf with their 'eds.
Added By: Moderator - 4th July 2014 @ 8:51 AM
Will everyone please settle down and stop this extremely juvenile behavior ! Just because the BDS have been almost totally tied up with their weekly protest against against "A small hardly significant shop" and have shown some unbelievably biased behaviour. ..does not mean that you can come onto our page and virtually take it over. ...To call you trolls however is unfair.
Trolls are anonymous ! You and your SFI followers are not ! So apologies from all of us at SchNews...It is after all a free country and as we are here in the public domain and we invte comments of any type provided that they are within decent legal boundaries, z2s2zd then although we would prefer it if you did not comment at all ....We have to say feel free and give those idiots of the local BDS a really hard time .....
Added By: Glenda - 4th July 2014 @ 8:57 AM
And I thought you were supposed to be on our side !
Added By: Gurning Glen - 4th July 2014 @ 9:04 AM
I thought I was the moderator on this rag..I'm fed up with other people in the BDS trying to pinch my job. It's happened ever since I was a little kid and someone snitched my job as milk moniter. I was really terrified that someone would try and steal my job as chief supremo cameraman, outside of that poky little shop we harassed every week. That's why I clutched it ever so tightly, while walking around with a rictus grin on my face. Every now and then I would get my hanky out and wave in their direction, that would send them scattering.
Added By: lunaticwatch - 4th July 2014 @ 10:03 AM

Any of you thought of getting a job?

I hear there are plenty of meaningful back to work schemes for the long term sick.
Added By: Jim P - 4th July 2014 @ 12:22 PM
Job? Well yes, it would be an idea if my comrades got a job, but lets face it, who would employ them. I mean, would you employ a chain smoking idiot with a mouth like a sewer? Or someone who is Wurzles twin brother? You understand the problem with these BDS comrades I'm sure. Besides we have much more pressing things to worry about, like being thrown out of shops after harassing customers. Darned good videos of that on the web you know. Now can I interest you in Fukushima at all? It's the thing I love talking about most of all.. It's very important because it means we are all going to get blown to smithereens, and of course like everything else we will blame Israel.
Added By: The Queen - 4th July 2014 @ 4:12 PM
We send oiks like you BDS types out to work, we don't work ourselves.....We employ.....
Being Queen is good. I sit in judgement over you and find you sadly wanting in so many respects..... Orf with your 'ed again.
Added By: brassband - 4th July 2014 @ 8:57 PM
Gosh these Zios are hopping mad - as usual they are devoid of any rational political argument and resort to playground abuse and bare lies and bluster(a bit like Israel itself really).
It must have burned them that all their abuse, attempted intimidation and bonkers fanaticism (and crap music) failed to budge the Palestine supporters.
Brightonians rejected 'Ecostream'- they are too savvy to be hoodwinked by an unethical enterprise posing as 'green'especially when they see it supported by a bunch of raving bigots every week - good for you Brighton, and on your bike Israeli profiteers from the occupation.

Added By: jill - 4th July 2014 @ 9:35 PM
Thank Christ that's over - plenty of time now for that makeover before the rapture - and I sure do need one. It's been such a strain having to listen to all those moderate Zionists bleating on about Israel wanting to live in peace.
As if! Don't the fools know what we Christians have in store for them? Bring on the fire and brimstone. Thank god me and my charming family can now spend more time on our knees before our master(so to speak) preparing for our glorious moments of ecstasy. At last it'll be goodbye to bloody crow scaring- that pole was getting too much, even for me.
Added By: Simon - 4th July 2014 @ 10:29 PM
Hello to all my friends and Christian Zionists. I'm currently taking a well earned break in the Balearic Islands so won't be there tomorrow. Try to find some reason not to have to post our usual videos on Facebook. You know the rest of you are no good at it so don't even try. James was embarrassing the last time I couldn't make it so just find an excuse.

Anyway it's been good to catch up with some of my old partners in crime down here (so to speak) and we're talking a lot about old times and some shattered dreams.

I'm hoping Shaike will be there in my absence. He knows about these things and will give the occasion the dignity and respect it thoroughly deserves. And remember my friends and Christians we should not consider it a failure instead we should celebrate coming second.

Time for another E I think. Good night and G-d bless Israel.
Added By: Glen the stalker. - 4th July 2014 @ 10:44 PM
I've had such fun today. After getting up this morning and not washing, not brushing my teeth and not dressing in clean clothes, I mustered the troops for a quick shufti to the now defunct Green shop. We'd had banners especially made thanking the whole of Brighton for not shopping there. The whole of Brighton were terribly grateful. The whole of Brighton threw themselves upon us, to thank us for being single handedly responsible for closing the store, and putting Brightonians out of work. The whole of Brighton thought it such a jape to ruin people's jobs. In fact the whole of Brighton asked us if we could boycott their places of employment, so they could also lose their jobs. The whole of Brighton told us they can't wait to become jobless layabouts too, because we are such an example to them. Please don't forget, when you are all on benefits, the same as us, it will be Israel's fault.
Added By: Simon - 4th July 2014 @ 10:48 PM
And I almost forgot (the E hasn't quite kicked in yet so I better say it quickly) whatever you do please describe tomorrow as "the best day ever". You know how it goes. Just remember "best day ever". Whatever happens "best day ever". I know that really gets to the lefty scum.

In the meantime I think it's beginning to kick-in so I'll say goodnight again.

Love to you all from Simon and best regards to the Christians.
Added By: Penny Porter - 4th July 2014 @ 11:15 PM
I say Ann I don't feel right about some of the things we do, I have a niggly feeling we being economical with the truth because let's face it the Brighton populace are not thick and they must see past our charade ... You know, this whole idea that we and them united as one to get EcoStream closed. Why do we need so desperately to claim this as some sort of moral victory when in actual fact our whole ethos is based around a thinly disguised lie that we care about the Palestinians more than anyone else, and yet they not only didn't want our help, but they specifically appealed to us not to boycott the shop or Israel. No Ann I feel very uneasy and my conscience troubles me so much I am finding sleep a problem... And Jim's snoring doesn't help even though he sleeps in that old Anderson shelter down the bottom of the garden in case World War 3 breaks out.
Added By: Old Mother Hallam. - 4th July 2014 @ 11:16 PM
Off my meds. wibble.
Added By: The whole of Brighton. - 4th July 2014 @ 11:22 PM
Hang on, hang on. What's all this about The whole of Brighton being grateful and thankful to the BDS for making a shop close. I am The whole of Brighton, I'll have you know, and I've been there outside of EcoStream every week since it opened. That mangy group, the BDS, have a flipping cheek, saying I'm glad they shut the shop down. I've watched me walk past that shop every Saturday, and I can tell you now, I can't get past them quickly enough. I've suffered enough, seeing them at the clock tower for the last 100 years, as they peddle their, sorry, wares, and for them to actually bring my name into their sordid little game of let's see who can tell the biggest lie, is disgusting.
Added By: Pc 622 - 4th July 2014 @ 11:35 PM
Now then wot's Glenn crying about now? I tell you Sarge I 'avn't never come across such wimpy anarchists since that Telly series, you know the one 'power to the people' um... Citizen Smith. That Glenn would have fit in with that bunch of dorks no trouble.
Ah flipping ' Sarah Cobham's gone an trod on me bunions wiv 'er great big size 15 Doc Martins. Give me a break.
Added By: Granny Hallam - 4th July 2014 @ 11:45 PM
Me,( Crispy ) Sarah and Glen are tucked up
all nice and cosy like on the sofa, pooling our one brain cell, trying to work out our strategy for the next week. Sarah and me don't really want Glen here, because he actually gives us the creeps. All that sneaking around with his camera, makes us wonder what else he films when he's not with the comrades.
Added By: Jill Young - 4th July 2014 @ 11:50 PM
I will really really miss the pies now the shop's closed. I mean it's not like I'd come all that way week after week if free food weren't involved. Not too keen on those bagel thingies with the hole in the middle but if there is nothing else left I'll take a couple to keep me going for a while until the next pie comes along. But those holes in are just so unsatisfying.

Pies are my favourite. Pie,pies,pies,pies,pies.

I especially like pork pies but we're getting into difficult areas there when it comes to Ecostream (eating them that is rather than telling them). Any how time for a late night snack. Oh no I've only got a sodding bagel left in the fridge. I'll have to take out my frustration on my daughter again now.
Added By: Ann Gollom - 5th July 2014 @ 1:07 AM
. Did someone mention pork pies. I'm rather partial to a pork pie myself. There's something about pig that's very familiar, especially when I look in the mirror. And as for bagels...Ooooh, I love a good bagel. Anything brown and crispy and tough, just reminds me so much of myself. And talking about taking ones frustration out on ones daughter just makes me want to cry. If only I had a daughter who stayed around long enough for me to be able to do that, but she simply cant stand me. She says looking at for any length of time scares her, as its like looking into her future.
Added By: Glen the Stalker - 5th July 2014 @ 9:59 AM
What an exciting day. Managed to get myself up
early as its a big, big, day today. We were so overcome with the whole of Brighton, congratulating us on our triumphant victory, we want to do it again today. I know we said it was onwards and upwards, and we were giving notice to all the other Brighton shops that stock SodaStream, to stop, or they would have the full wrath of the BDS upon them, but we just have to go back to EcoStream. We want to give that dopey SFI lot the full opportunity, to show them how THE WHOLE OF BRIGHTON, is going to stop and day well done up us. We know they are going to be watching very carefully, probably with their tally boards in hand, so they can take the mickey out of us, if THE WHOLE OF BRIGHTON, doesn't come up with the goods, so come on Brighton, we are depending on you.
Added By: THE WHOLE OF BRIGHTON - 5th July 2014 @ 10:00 AM
Added By: Glen the Stalker - 5th July 2014 @ 10:03 AM
Of course I meant to say well done TO us, not say well done up
up us..must have been a Freudian slip.
Added By: Jo Makepeace - 5th July 2014 @ 10:23 AM
Christ - are you not getting a bit bored of this Simon?
Added By: THE WHOLE OF BRIGHTON - 5th July 2014 @ 11:16 AM
Do you mean to say I've got to do it all over again. I've got to spend hours and hours, congratulating that scummy bunch, on being instrumental in closing a shop. I mean, I really had my work cut out the other day, congratulating them in two hours. I mean, do you know how big I am? 350,000 people, and every one congratulated the boycotters. I don't know how I did it. But I tell you now, if I don't do it again today the BDS are going to be the the Joke of Brighton.
Added By: jill 'worzel gummidge' young - 5th July 2014 @ 4:53 PM
whew hard work today - absolutely knackered. What idiot suggested we should go to Ecostream again - we just looked like a sad little group of scraggy vultires picking over the bones of our failed campaign. We'd better try to find out when the BHPSC lot are going to pop up again so we can follow them round with our bonkers slogans. (I hear BHPSC were in 3 places today enjoying congratulations and making more friends - shit that's going to be hard work - but on the bright side I might shed a few kilos of blubber - pity the brain's going to stay the same - a little shrunken pea in a haystack) Anyway, bye - time for a quick session on my knees in front of the master -
Added By: Shaike Rosanski - 5th July 2014 @ 6:57 PM
Jill don't be so hard on us all. It's true we did all look sad but it might give us the sympathy vote. Remember we are the victims here always and anyone who says we aren't will feel the full force of our drones and F-16s.

I felt that I added a certain amount of dignity to the proceedings today on such a solemn occasion but then I always do. It's just something I'm good at. Always there with just the right words I am.

Anyway now the campaign is over I can concentrate on my work as a Director of the ICTS Security company. I've already told a few of the BDS that I'll make their life hell if they ever come to Gatwick and they better watch out. OK we missed a few real terrorists on a number of occasions (don't worry though we still get paid) but I can spot those BDS a mile off. And why shouldn't work be fun.
Added By: marie antoinette - 5th July 2014 @ 10:31 PM
Mon dieu - another day hanging out with these ghastly plebs would do my head in.Here I am, trying to look like a liberal Zionist and I have to stand next to a hideous collection of raving zealots who seem to be doing their best to bring our noble Zionist cause into disrepute. Don't they realise that my message of a peace-loving Israel is far better propaganda in this liberal lefty town ( oui, we'll get on with the peace bit when we've wiped out all the Arabs. A bit of ethnic cleansing never goes amiss). Meanwhile I wish that old Christian harridan and her mates would put a sock in it.
Let them eat cake is all I can say - oops they already did a lot of that and see how far that got us.
Added By: James - 6th July 2014 @ 12:16 AM
Well OK that's a wrap. We lost that one. It's time to move on.

So where do we go from here?

The Rapture looms ever closer and we Christians need to figure out the most efficient way to deal with "you know who" on the day. I thought Si was my mate but as I fully expected he just slipped away (that's what they do) and is now slagging me off with his "Costa del Crime" friends. But I hope my loyal band of followers are prepared for the battle ahead. Just remember Jesus Loves you but not in quite the same intimate way that I do.
Added By: Jill Young - 6th July 2014 @ 12:40 AM
Glenn the Stalker is posting his long rambling posts again. He seems to spend a lot of time repeating the same old jokes.

We at Sussex Friends of Israel are much better than that (the Christians at least). We ooze originality. I mean have you seen the YouTube Video of Richard LaBritain? I'm only telling you because I feel you're all special like me and wanted you all to know about it but please keep it between ourselves.

Anyway I need to get to bed and try to figure out how I can make sense of my meaningless life. I've had enough of all the Jesus love and the James Love to be quite honest.

Added By: Daniel - 6th July 2014 @ 12:23 PM
Mum please give Jesus and "Uncle" James another chance. True we're a bit adrift at the moment but just think how I feel with no Simon to back me up any more when I inevitably can't think of anything to say when the camera's pointing at me. Uncle James will give it his best go but it's hard for him and we must stick together through these coming hard times and protect the shops of Brighton from these people.

And wasn't yesterday the best Saturday ever! See I did learn something from Simon.
Added By: winnie prickit BF, SOB (hons) , LB . - 6th July 2014 @ 2:27 PM
Cor stone the crows - didn't see that one coming - bastards didn't even tell us they were closing - there we were flogging our a---s off every Saturday, lying through our teeth, hurling racist and sexist abuse, sucking up to the local constabulary, being polite to the great unwashed of brighton - and what for? Absolutely sod all - I know what they mean about useful idiots now. By the way if anyone wants a used Sodastream machine (slightly soiled)- it's going cheap - back door, my place , hours of darkness only (got my reputation to think about).
Added By: BDS job search. - 6th July 2014 @ 3:39 PM
We, the Brighton boycotters have decided to get off our lazy backsides and look for work. We know our favourite occupation is trying to milk the system, but we really think we have enough material to get jobs as writers of jokes for Christmas crackers. Realising we are the biggest joke in Brighton and Hove, with most members being totally crackers already, it seemed a natural next step. So here goes.
Q... Who has more wrinkles than an elephants scrotum. A...Ann Gollom.
Q How are the BDS helping the Palestinians grow their crops? A...They send over their bath water as liquid fertiliser. A... What's the only time Yasser touches a bar of soap? A... When his mouths washed out with a bar of carbolic. Q... What does Russell Runt say, when someone hands him a baby to hold? A...No thanks, I'm a vegetarian. Q...What do you call a collection of boycotters? A... A stink.
We think we could do quite well at this. But right now, we're off to write some more pretend letters from SFI. Probably about jokes. After all, originality has never been our strong point, we're just so much better at copying. No second prizes.
Added By: Admin - 6th July 2014 @ 7:41 PM
Please note that two comments have been removed from above for referring to named family members unconnected with either campaign.
Added By: Julie Burchill "The Raven" - 6th July 2014 @ 8:28 PM
Despite my best efforts and frankly terrible writing in the JC the shop has closed.

No longer will I be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Chelsea Fox or as I like to call her one of those "big white blokes who have cut their cocks off". I can't understand why me saying that caused so much outrage. It's political correctness gone mad in my opinion which funnily enough is how some people refer to me.

Anyhow, I'll miss those friendly gatherings. If we move elsewhere can I request we start at 4 as I really struggle to get up before 3 in the afternoon which means I'm not able to be there as often as I like and I know how much you like me to be there as I love Israel more than I love the white stuff and as you know that's one hell of a lot.
Added By: Mike Waterman - 6th July 2014 @ 8:41 PM
I turned up yesterday for exactly one minute. I saw Yassssaaagh standing on the naughty step and I kissed him. I saw Glenn Willibums in his new shorts and I almost fainted. He looked so handsome and clean..... then I realised it was a shop dummy.......... Easy mistake to make. I still love him very much. He buys me comics sometimes and lets me stroke his hanky. I love my hat and I love Socialists. I love 'em I do.
Added By: Gary Isaacs - 6th July 2014 @ 8:52 PM
I'll bloody do 'em all. Especially that Glenda wimp. I'll do 'im and do 'im proper. I've been tweeting the scumbag just so 'e knows I've got me eye on 'im. Do 'im I will, do 'im.
Added By: Glenn Willibums - 6th July 2014 @ 9:24 PM
I wish you wouldn't keep embarrassing me like that Mike Waterman. You know I think you look ridiculous in that titfer........ When you get around to having it surgically removed, talk to me then............ I am in love with one of the women at SFI and I dream of her most nights and days too. She will never look at me because I am wildly politically mental. But I can dream.....
Added By: Yassaaagh - 6th July 2014 @ 9:30 PM
Hehe hope everyone saw me on the steps of the empty shop I was holding a Palestinian flag and laughing at the SFI people who turned up. How I gloated and flashed my rotten teeth around so my great buddy Glen could capture this donkey braying on video. I call myself a Palestinian, even though my family comes from Egypt but it makes a good story.

I am so glad to have met like minded friends in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, now I have a vehicle for my hate, my lies and my camel breath and I really like that Ann Hallam what a dame she is my kind if woman, but actually I really prefer goats.
Added By: Jill Young - 6th July 2014 @ 9:37 PM
Oh Glenn I never realised. You should have said before. Of course I know all too well that I'm so devastatingly attractive and I have to say I'm not in the slightest bit surprised but it is still slightly unexpected.

Of course if we were ever to make a go of it you'd have to become a Christian and be daddy to my twins (I like to call them Twin Peaks because they're both tall and ever so slightly weird). You'd have to stop your political activity also but I'm sure it's not a problem. Oh I'm so excited...
Added By: neil someone or other(remind me someone) - 6th July 2014 @ 9:47 PM
As the silent brains behind this ballsup I would just like to say something or other about something or other if I could be bothered - more importantly where's my cheque - you know us consultants - no pay, no say - what's that I hear? No it's not all my fault, well maybe a bit, but you have no idea how hard it was working with you lot - look at all I did for you - er well I'm sure it was something or other about something or other at some time or other. Just pay me the money you ungrateful w------s, you're on your own from now on. What do you mean you won't notice the difference.
Added By: Glenn Willibums - 6th July 2014 @ 9:48 PM
Jill, I do adore you, but it isn't you that I love so much that it makes my eyes water........... XX
Added By: Jill Young - 6th July 2014 @ 10:04 PM
You bastard. You really can't treat me like that. You're just like the father of Twin Peaks. He was a rogue too and left me with those two freaks to look after.

But we sorted him out my mate Gary and me we sorted him out and we'll sort you out too.
Added By: er................................. - 6th July 2014 @ 10:12 PM
merde merde merde merde spit spit shriek merde shriek spit marseillaise shriek aaaarrrrgh
Added By: SchNews - 6th July 2014 @ 10:19 PM
SchNews would like to thank the "Ecostream Re-enactment Society" for this entertaining online recreation of a typical Saturday afternoon battle.
Added By: Beebee yahoo boo sucks - 6th July 2014 @ 11:19 PM
Shame on you SFI you bunch of pathetic failures. There you go swanning about in the leafy lanes of Surrey while us over here face life on the frontline - protected only by our 3bndollars pa subsidy from the US and the most moral army in the world (ahem). You really couldn't run a piss-up in a brewery. Don't expect any more support from us - in fact you and your cake-munching grannies should get your a---s over here and do some of the real dirty work - plenty of Palestinian kids to kill, lots of hate to monger, and you can stop all that cosying up to the bloody Christians - we're ripping down their churches pronto here. Get with it or your right of return will be up the swanee quicker than you can say Baruch Goldstein.
Added By: Rancid Russell - 6th July 2014 @ 11:44 PM
Hawk, hawk. Spit, spit. Yasser likes goats?? Well,, look no further. Just have a good butchers of Old crunchy Hallam. She's the ugliest old goat I've ever seen. Hawk, hawk, spit,slobber.
Added By: Yasser - 7th July 2014 @ 12:06 AM
Thank you Russell you f-----g Crock of S--t. Hahahahahahahahaha. I might be just a stinking, foul mouthed escapee from the local asylum, but even I have my standards you know. Goat might be my preferred choice, but I like my goat tender you know. Old Granny Hallam is fossil goat, not tender goat. Besides I've told all that SFI bunch that Sarah Bigfoot like old granny. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.
Added By: SchNews - 7th July 2014 @ 12:06 AM
Always a few stragglers at these re-enactment shows. OK folks let's clear the beer tent and then we can all go home.
Added By: Yasssagh - 7th July 2014 @ 12:22 AM
Yasser??? Yasser??? Who the F--k are you? I'm the real Yasssagh. I like Granny Hallam. I don't f-----g care if she's as tough as old shoe leather, the goat smell that emanates from her, just f-----g does it for me.
Added By: SchNews - 7th July 2014 @ 12:26 AM
Come on now. We've all had a good time. You've had a few drinks and it's time to go home. You'll only regret it in the morning so thank you and goodnight.
Added By: Yasser - 7th July 2014 @ 12:27 AM
Sod off. If you're going to impersonate me you'll have to do better than that. Even the police don't know who I am. And if I want to go round telling SFI that Sarah Bigmouth is more than friendly with Goaty Hallam, I will. Now f--k off.
Added By: Anonymous - 7th July 2014 @ 1:02 AM
I'm not sure who's writing what here, but some of this stuff is hilarious.
If only everyone could put aside your differences and shake hands, you'd make a great comedy act!
Added By: Ronnie Bloom - 7th July 2014 @ 11:28 AM
Can I just say in my capacity as funder for the SFI how grateful I am to the Friends of Israel. I've been a bit bored since I moved away from Grace Brothers (you may have seen me in a previous life I was Mr. Grace in "Are You Being Served" - happy days with more pussy than I knew what to do with). But you guys have just lit up my life again and as I used to say "you've all done very well". But alas like Grace Brothers Ecostream's now brown bread.
Added By: Anonymous - 7th July 2014 @ 2:30 PM
ps I think hilarious is better than just plain abusive - it takes more brains and judging by who's targeting whom I think the BDS have a straight sets victory here
Added By: Israel supporters club - 7th July 2014 @ 2:34 PM
Thank you Sussex Friends of Israel for making such a positive stand on behalf of Israel against some of the dimmest most misinformed bunch of hypocrites we have ever come across. Some of us have attended you counter demonstrations and seen for ourselves the hateful rationale that motivates these nincompoops. We are fully aware that they are the unwitting tools of jihadists and terror organizations because they have this naive belief that they are helping Arabs when they are merely being used by extremists.

So keep up the good fight oppose these bastards at every opportunity and don't worry about the shop closing as that was always a side issue and never the main purpose of you forming such an effective, innovative and passionate group of pro-Israel activists, that have inspired all those that care about Israel across the globe.
Added By: A Jahadist/Daily Mail Reporter - 7th July 2014 @ 5:06 PM
To my brothers and sisters in BDS. I hope you received the cash I sent you recently in order to continue the struggle against the Zionist Foe.

We will continue the struggle and the money will of course also continue and I have now set up a standing order as promised (being a terrorist doesn't mean there isn't still paperwork to do!). Please spend it wisely. No alcohol but you can buy a cheap counterfeit Rolex if you wish.

Thank you again for your help and soon we will be flying the black flag over Westminster God willing. PS. Please send my regards to my friend Shaike Rosanksi on this special day.
Added By: Glenn Willibums - 7th July 2014 @ 6:34 PM
I hope that SFI are going to follow us everywhere we go every single week. I love them and I only wish they would let me kiss them, but they don't, they tell the police and I cry. Into my special going out hanky. I love my hanky and I love SFI and cake......... And Ann Gollom, who is my granny and we like crisps........ She is crispy. That's why...
Added By: BDS Mental - 8th July 2014 @ 12:42 AM
I'm in charge of the BDS, cos I'm mental. I need to rally the troops, because now that crummy shop has closed, we need to know what THEY are up to. I know that last Sat, I sent a couple of our weirdest and dearest down to EcoStreams now defunct store, to suss out what THEY were doing. We made the other barmy boycotters stay at the Clock Tower, because the Brighton public are used to seeing us there. It makes them feel safe, having their local loonies all in one place. The problem is, where do we go from here? We are trying to
pretend THEY are following us, because we really couldn't bear it if we woke up to the fact that they couldn't give a stuff where we meet. They keep telling us that its not about a shop, but we know that's not true. That's why we still put our dopiest down there on Sat...I mean, why else would we want to meet outside of a closed shop?
Anyway, we have to keep up the pretence, so we will continue to stalk SFI on fb.. That way we can find out where they are going, and turn up wherever they are. But hang on, that's what we've been saying they are doing? But just suppose they decide to come to the clock tower? Or suppose they meet at EcoStream,but when they get there, they decide to go to the clock tower? Or what if they turn up at Sainsburys or Steamer Trading as customers, and then try to make us look like idiots. THEY might tell people to meet at a certain place and then when they meet, they might decide to go somewhere different. Arggghhh.. How are we ever going to keep one step ahead of them??? It's enough to make me want to join them.
Added By: Jill Young - 8th July 2014 @ 6:45 AM
Wow who ever BDS mental is in real life is really...mental?

Now time for breakfast and a little shout at my daughter.
Added By: James - 8th July 2014 @ 7:17 AM
No Jill this person is not mental. They just do not know the ways of the Lord Jesus as we do but instead they have the Devil in them who drives them to such ramblings.

Now finish your breakfast. I never know how you manage two family size pork pies and a scotch egg this time in the morning but the Lord moves in mysterious ways. And for your information my sweet a 2 litre bottle of Diet Coke to wash it all down is NOT a slimming aid.

And talking of movements...oh no we're run out of toilet paper can you pass me those BDS leaflets.
Added By: Freddie Parrot Face Davis - 8th July 2014 @ 5:33 PM
Apparently a whole load of terrorist leaders ( er, sorry, amazing, incredible, never did anyone any harm, Palestinian heros ) were given a helping hand to meet their 72 virgins today. I'm having real trouble here, what with Gormless Glen, whinging that he's never had a woman in his life, let alone a virgin, and Granny Hallam moaning that if she'd only kept herself pure, and died when she was 130, she could have been one of the 72. Quite what they'd have said when faced with that fizzog, is anyone's guess, but my guess is they'd have wished they'd brought some large brown paper bags with them. Meanwhile, Hag, er, Ann, keeps looking at Glen in an odd way, and Sarah Bigfoots getting cross. I must say, there's never a dull moment back here at the hovel.
Added By: Gormless Glen - 8th July 2014 @ 5:43 PM
Mike, Keep A H away from me. I'll do anything, absolutely anything, so long as you don't let her loose on me. I'll have a hair cut, I'll stop wearing brown trousers and ugly sandals, which always makes THE WHOLE OF BRIGHTON, snigger, I'll clean the BDS loo with my tongue, I'll, I'll, I'll even raffle my hanky as a prize for some lucky person. Just keep her away. Argghhh.
Added By: world against zionism - 9th July 2014 @ 9:09 AM
Have a look at what the zionists are up to today on this world. Surrounding a city with a population of 2 million donetsk with missiles and openly supporting nazis in the ukraine (makes you wonder about what really happened in ww2) Bombing defenceless gaza again after another false flag operation. Killing huge amounts of muslims and christians with their isis operation and raping and torturing lots of kids all over the world with thier involvement in satanic ritual masonic jesuit askenazi homage to the devil abuse makes you sick . But this is the most comments ever on schnews surely. Over such a small issue?
Added By: Jill (Green Ink is as Lovely as Zionism) Young - 9th July 2014 @ 11:07 AM
Most comments ever over a small Issue? If you please most of the comments are mine and the issue may be small but I'm having a life crisis.

I thank the people at Schnews for giving me the space to relieve my frustration. You may all be crazed Anarchist soap-dodgers but I thank you for indulging an ageing never-been.
Added By: Ann ( World against Zionism ) Hallam - 9th July 2014 @ 1:38 PM
Ooh, those last two posts did me the world of good. I managed to get all my hate and bile against Israel, out in one fell swoop. I love blaming them for the ills of the world. Rape and pillage? Israel. Good bit of murder and torture? Got to be Israel. Isis? That Christian hating, Muslim hating, Jew hating bunch of scallywags, who are making their way down through the Middle East by chopping off the heads of anyone who gets in their way? It's Israel. Gotta be Israel. It really peed me off when a couple of our home growns went off to join them and got themselves killed...but let's face it. That's Israel's fault too. I'm sure Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville were both from Israel too, and if they weren't they bloody well should have been. I HATE ISRAEL. There I've said it. Out loud so THE WHOLE OF BRIGHTON can see it, because the whole of Brighton reads this paper you know. That sodding Zionist bunch, pretend they're having a bit of fun, writing comments on our rag, but being the witch I am, I'm gifted with second sight, and I know all these comments are coming from that Jill woman. In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if she wasn't single handedly responsible, for Israel bombing Gaza, this time around. Now... I'd better get back, Sarah's waiting.
Added By: Anonymous - 10th July 2014 @ 4:06 PM
SFI really low quality and boring now.
Time to throw in the towel.
Maybe you'll do better next time

Added By: Tiss Paker ! - 10th July 2014 @ 10:06 PM
Have you not realised yet you moronic mound of bigoted haters that for the last 22 months we have been having the absolute time of our lives totally taking the piss out of you each and every week and you have all been so so dim not even to know it !
Winding you up ! Undermining you,Cracking up at your marches ! Yeah ,we really loved them !
A Pyrrhic victory such as yours at Ecostream is really nothing much to be proud of at all, as the result was pre ordained anyway !
But allow me to thank you personally for keeping us entertained for the last 22 months in what might have been some very boring Saturdays was it not for you lot !
I seem to recall that you did have rather a lot of arrests !
something that most of you excelled at !
The problem was,if you don't mind me pointing out,was that basically you did not endear yourself to the general public ! not surprising with all the rubbish and lies that you were attempting to hurl down passers by ears...but we don't hate you at all ! you amuse us and once again you lost ! we tied you up every week for 22 months and this is only the beginning ! you can be sure.....
We are certain you will have one of your inane answers ready !
So go ahead...Make Our Day ! :)
Looking forward to seeing you all again ! We can't live without you ! We are already getting " What we going to do next Saturday Sindrome "
But you can make it all better for us ! You will wont you ?
Added By: BDS Bod - 11th July 2014 @ 11:32 AM
Oh no. I can't believe it. You really mean that all the partying, duck quacking, name calling, Frankenstein slogans, silly noises, silly Facebook posts, etc was not serious political activism as I'd assumed but all the time you were just taking the yellow bodily fluid.

How stupid am I? You certainly took me in. Shutting the Ecostream shop down was obviously yet another BDS Fail so I'm just going to give it all up as you're all way too clever for me.
Added By: Take me to my leader. - 11th July 2014 @ 3:04 PM
You just wait until tomorrow. We are really going to
piss off Brighton by meeting at the war memorial. You know, that place where they stick plastic poppies every year, to remember those bloody fools who got involved in world war 1 + 2. Just imagine, people in england actually went out shooting and killing so we weren't taken over by Hitler. Idiots. If they'd stayed at home we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now because we wouldn't be here. But as we are, let's use that war memorial for the purpose it was intended for. Lets tell people how Gaza fires rockets at Israel, in order to injure as many Israelis as possible, and the only reason that doesn't happen is because those clever Israelis spend money on things like Iron Dome, while those palis fire rockets from the houses where their wives and kidlets are living. Not surprising a few get killed, but lets not go there eh. Lets call our comrades nation wide, to join us. That should ensure an extra six. While you're at it, don't forget the banners. Loads and loads of banners. And anger. Don't forget the ANGER. Loads of ANGER. That's what the people of Brighton want to see. Come on comrades, let's show Brighton some ANGER and leave those idiots from SFI to have a peaceful meeting somewhere else, giving out loads of leaflets, without our presence to mess it up.
Added By: Menachem Begin - 11th July 2014 @ 4:57 PM
And while at the war memorial you could check for any Irgun victims that might be listed among the names of British dead.
Added By: Jonathan Goldberg QC - 11th July 2014 @ 10:48 PM
If only you'd all listened to me from the start. I could have sorted it all out.

Admittedly it would have cost you a bit and I don't do any of that Pro Bono bollocks but it would have all worked out just fine.

But at least we've all pissed off all those crazy Christian Zionists. Result!
Added By: The Leader - 11th July 2014 @ 10:51 PM
It's such a shame people don't listen when Israel goes out of its way to warn people. When will people listen. If only people listened, people would get out if houses when they're told. But then Its a bit difficult when your leaders are telling you to stay put and Israel won't do what it says.. And when will people realise, that if their leaders stopped sending rockets, Israel wouldn't retaliate.
Added By: Ken Agowoamnah - 14th July 2014 @ 1:39 PM
Or if Israel stopped nicking Palestinian land, THEY wouldn't have to retaliate. Anyway... there are terrorists on both sides. Why do us Brits have to support Israel? should just leave 'em all to it.Both sides.
Added By: The truth - 14th July 2014 @ 2:52 PM
Added By: Anon. - 14th July 2014 @ 3:02 PM
It's not palestinian land. The Palestinians are simply Arabs who have lived in the area of palestine and Jordan and other middle eastern countries, alongside the Jewish people who have lived there for centuries. It's the Jewish homeland. The Jews have as much right to live there as the Arabs. The Arabs have the whole of the middle east. Isn't that enough for the greedy beggars, without them wanting the postage stamp that's Israel.
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