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Anti-Fra Hooligans

Three frack rig occupiers are in court on Tuesday (10th) following their daring ascent of the drill in Banks, Lancashire, last November. The action, which coincided with the 'Shale Gas Environmental Summit', succeeded in shutting down the well.

Charged with aggravated trespass, this promises to be an interesting case. The defendants are pleading not guilty and are arguing that it should be the frackers in the dock. Saying their actions were 'necessary' to stop disaster being sucked up n' spewed out across nature, water tables and local communities, they'll challenge the court that the shale gas process itself should not be considered 'lawful'.

The trial is expected to run for four days at Preston Magistrates Court, around 10am – 4pm. Backing them up in the witness corner are UK and US experts who are willing to reel off the damage fracking is likely to do, in terms of pollution, earthquakes and human health risks.

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Added By: Anonymous - 12th July 2012 @ 4:41 PM
Good on them, hope it goes the same way as the EDO decomissioners trial.
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