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A concerted effort by police and bailiffs saw the eviction of a barn occupied in protest against the building of the Hinkley C power station on Wednesday 29th Feb.

Activists had occupied an old barn on the 500 hectare site where EDF plan to build a new nuclear power station. Langborough barn was evicted by a team of twenty bailiffs including specialist climbers. The eviction started just before daybreak. Despite an attempt to get onto the roof of the building ultimately the protestors were only able to hold out for three hours.

Two men, Theo Simon and David Jesse were arrested and held overnight before Taunton magistrates let them off with a conditional discharge.

Defendant Theo Simon commented on his release “This was just one battle in the fight against new nuclear, we’ll be back on March the 10th & 11th with Stop New Nuclear to surround and blockade Hinkley Point, we’re not going anywhere until EDF and the government get the message that nuclear power is not clean not safe and not necessary”.

As well as a possession order, EDF had originally tried to get an injunction against four local anti-nuclear groups to prevent future action against the power station. This was thrown out by the judge leaving the field open for more stunts.

Speaking of which, There's a weekend of action planned - March 10th + 11th , STOP HINKLEY. Activists plan to surround the site.

There's transport going from Exeter, Bristol and London that we know – please let us know about any more.

For more: http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/

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Added By: edf-greenwash - 3rd March 2012 @ 12:57 AM
i will be there for the blockade. Nuclear is not safe. Not green. just risky and greedy
Twitter: @SchNEWS