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As Anti-Nuclear Protesters Drive the (Hinkley) Point Home

Following on from the occupation of and eviction from the trees at the site of a proposed nuclear power station near Bridgwater, Somerset, activists have now squatted a former farmhouse on the perimeter of Hinkley Point nuclear power station.

Having taken the site in the early hours of Sunday 12th February, the occupiers of Langborough Farm now aim to highlight EDF's attempts to destroy some 500 hectares of West Country as well, presumably, as providing a base to toss the occasional spanner from. If you wanna help just head down (directions).

On 10th-11th, on the anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake, there will be an attempt to 'surround hinkley', with the Stop New Nuclear Alliance calling for thousands of people to turnout and blockade the power station. In the meantime, if you can make it down to Somerset, numbers are more then welcome down on the farm.

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Added By: Anarchiste. - 8th March 2012 @ 3:49 PM
All natural power to the Occupiers of Langborough.
Added By: Orelope - 1st May 2012 @ 4:56 PM
There are, as usual, two side to this problem. On the one hand, sqttuaing is justified only in the most extreme circumstances, If I found squatters in one of my properties who were unwilling to become paying tenants, I would find non-violent but unpleasant ways to get them out.But on the other hand, 80,000 empty homes across London is an absolute disgrace, which can understandably infuriate people genuinely looking for a home.Moreover, Grant Shapps' own polices are making the situation worse. The LHA for single people under 35 won't pay the rent anywhere and will force some out of long-occupied homes.
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