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Converging on the Ridiculous

The location of the Brighton International Squatter's Convergence has been announced. If you're heading up there it's here. Look around for a door and knock!

The Convergence has taken over the old CO-OP department store on London Rd. The site has been empty for years. SchNEWS took a preliminary stroll around the frankly labyrinthine building and with 150 property reclamation specialists from across Europe already in attendance it looks like it's gonna be a good weekend.


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German anti-fascists take Berlin on 20th anniversary of comrade Silvio Meier's murder.

UPDATE: The sh*t's well and truly hit the fan since we published this interview last week... Stay tuned for more SchNEWS from the front...

Mike Weatherley, the M.P behind the squatting ban, due to deliver a talk on the new squatting legislation, at the University of Sussex today, was instead chased off campus by students and protesters.

Land occupiers fight back as cops try to evict for airport development in France

Out of the squats and into the er... prisons. As, Alex Haigh, the first squatter to be sent down under S.144 recieves three months.

Squatters Legal Network offer support and advice to cracking addicts.

North London library, closed by cuts, opened by squatters.

Predictably enough it was Brighton squatters who found themselves first in the firing line of Hove MP Mike Weatherley's new anti-squatting law.

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