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Mike Weatherley, due to deliver a talk on the new squatting legislation, at the University of Sussex today, was instead chased off campus by students and protesters.

After realising the opposition the lecture was to face, The University of Sussex Conservative society changed the format into a debate in order to try and appease the many trolls on the Facebook event. However, attendees decided to take a different approach, seeing no use in debating over a law that had already been passed. Seconds after turning up at the lecture theatre, Weatherley was surrounded by around 50 people shouting "Whatever they say, squatting will stay".

Without even getting a foot in the door, Weatherley was turned around by his team and campus security and began walking in the opposite direction. Whilst some stayed in the lecture theatre to give an impromptu talk about the squatting ban, other protesters chased Weatherley through university buildings pelting him with tomatoes and eggs.

As Weatherley, his aides and right hand man Robert Nemmeth sprinted into a room and locked themselves inside, people surrounded the building and blocked every exit. Whilst Weatherley and co. hid inside, awaiting a police escort to save them, a crowd of amused onlookers gathered at the entrance to watch the show. Around 20 minutes later, two cop vans rolled up and Weatherly was brought out of the building by two police. Again he was surrounded with protesters attempting to block the route into the back of the van.

As he was bundled in he was pelted with a few more tomatoes, and people stood in front of the van to prevent it driving away. After a few short tussles with the police, the van sped away, leaving Nemmeth and Weatherley's aides stranded inside to find their own way home.

The victory was celebrated with a banner drop from the intended venue, stating "No Housing, No Peace".

There are 10 comments on this story...
Added By: Anonymous - 14th November 2012 @ 7:31 PM
A bunch of middle class students showing what morons they are. If you want housing for all then stop mass immigration!
Added By: Anonymous - 14th November 2012 @ 8:26 PM
It doesn't work like that, bell end.
Added By: Lol at immigration comment - 14th November 2012 @ 10:34 PM
There are 930,000 empty homes in the UK. There are 50,290 homeless people... So what is the real problem here...! It's not immigration is it!
Added By: Geoff - 15th November 2012 @ 1:19 AM
I sympathise with squatting, but this was a disgusting attack on freedom of speech. It's becoming commonplace to hear of self-righteous activists deciding that no-one may express a dissenting opinion.
Added By: Anonymous - 15th November 2012 @ 10:15 AM
@Geoff This was not an attack on free speech. Mike is free to say whatever he likes. This was No Platform. By denying someone a platform for their vile opinions you stop them spreading.
Added By: Tall Chris - 15th November 2012 @ 12:57 PM
This was a brilliant disgusting attack on free speech. I salute my Brighton and Hove Brothers and Sisters. You set the bar for us all to jump! :)
Added By: Some of the And Finally "facts" are dubious... - 15th November 2012 @ 7:12 PM

You can't put a comment at the bottom of "And Finally" so I am doing it here.

I like schnews which is why I am picking you up on this.

Some of the "facts" quoted in this weeks And Finally about the USA and the World are I suspect made up/inaccurate, which is unfortunate because there really is no need given the state of the world to use non-facts when there are so many actual facts that would back up your argument (which I agree with).

Random twitter feeds which do not reference where facts come from have no value and @InjusticeFacts, which you reference, is just such a case. As an example you quote from @InjusticeFacts:

"North Americans use more electricity on Christmas lights than the entire yearly usage of the entire African continent."

You quote this, and it is a killer fact- or it would be if it was one. Where is the source, was the data analysis reliable, how was it done and by whom AND WHEN. I suspect this "fact" is just spurious but the rapid industrialisation of Africa in the last twenty years makes me incredulous (without some valid references I can chase up) that it could be true now...

This kind of random adoption of unsourced twitter "facts" does your reputation as a reliable source of news and analysis from a left wing perspective no help at all. What next are you going to re-circulate in the self referencing internet echo chamber... "911 TRUTH" facts?

P.s.Go on make my day ('cos it's such a great fact if true) find me a reference with providence I can follow for "North Americans use..."
Added By: splarg - 15th November 2012 @ 7:59 PM
An attack on free speech is when the government or other armed criminals come to take you away because they don't like what you are saying.

Telling somebody to shut the hell up isn't an attack on free speech any more than telling somebody they aren't allowed to tell somebody to shut the hell up.

Mike Weatherly can say what he likes, but he certainly can't say it where he likes.
Added By: Anonymous - 16th November 2012 @ 12:34 PM
I was a squatter for 2 years - came across teenage runaways who were abused by their parents; homeless people who can't find jobs; and people who are merely trying to get their political message across by shunning the idea to pay extortionate rent whilst the fat cats get richer.

This is just the start of what happened - and now we live in Tory land more ignorant dumb people are cropping up online posting baseless accusations against squatters who they've never met. Idiots.

Mike - if you're reading this, this is just the start fella. Everywhere you go now, thousands will follow unfavourabily and unfortunately cause you harm. "rocks and missiles". You're a joke and a laughing stock to anyone with half a brain.
Added By: @ the first comment - 8th December 2012 @ 5:42 PM
Sussex actually has most of its students from low income backgrounds compared to other unis! I love this idea that if you want to housing for all stop mass migration, its a class thing, not a nationality thing of citizens, its like saying oh dont have any children thats increasing the population of our country, so mate dont have any children, because they are foreign too, got and rot with your EDL nazi mates!
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