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What do numbskull EDL tribute group the South East Alliance think that they’re going to get out of heading to Cricklewood the second time around?

The first time around they claimed that they were there to protest about the Muslim Brotherhood. Quite who or what the SEA think the Muslim Brotherhood are is open to question, but the one time holders of Egypt’s presidency following elections are now apparently reduced to holding court in a flat above a disused kebab shop in North London. Facing horrific repression from the military in Egypt, with thousands detained and hundreds executed it’s unlikely that they’re particularly bothered about a knock on the door from the rotund stormtroopers of the EDL splinter groups.

On that occasion (14th June) anti-fascists blocked the road and simply prevented the fash from going any further. To read a full account of that glorious day see SchNEWS 859

Full of sulk, South East Alliance headman Paul “English as the day is long” Pitt (nee Prodmorou) rung all his friends in the loonier fringes of the UK's far-right and has managed to scrape together another outing to the unfortunate North London suburb this Saturday. Expect to see everyone from the English Golden Dawn downwards.

Anti-fascists are of course not going to let an opportunity like this go to waste and under the banner of North West London United are encouraging everyone who wants to make a stand to get to 113 Cricklewood Broadway at midday on Saturday 19th.

Follow @NWLondonUnited on Twitter for updates.

Anti-fascists block the road on June 14th
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Added By: Levi - 17th July 2014 @ 9:50 AM
This is the 3rd time they have 'marched' in Cricklewood in recent months.
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