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Fascists fail in Cricklewood

Last Saturday, the far-right group (and March for England regulars) "The South East Alliance" tried to march through Cricklewood in North London. Antifascists mobilised against them, with callouts from the Antifascist Network, the UAF and local Unions.

The S.E.A's intended target was the HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood, a tiny office in a flat above a kebab shop, right in the heart of Cricklewood Broadway. Antifascists and locals were having none of it, and pledged to stop the far-right march in it's tracks.

As the day began, it became obvious that, despite threats that they were going to mobilse hundreds, the fascists had managed an abysmal turnout of 42. It was a proper smorgasboard of fash, with members of SEA, EVF, Casuals United, March for England and British Friends of Golden Dawn in attendance. Around 100 locals and antifascists gathered near their target to oppose them, and as soon as their pathetic march shuffled into view, the antis struck. In a move that appeared to stun the local plod, antifascists took the road, blocking it with a large banner, then marched straight towards the beleaguered fascists. Schnews spoke to one antifascist who was there:

"It was very sudden and the Police clearly didn't know what to do. They thought they had it all under control and then suddenly they had a mob of maybe 70 antifascists heading right towards the SEA. They had to scramble to get a line of TSG in front of us. But then, when they tried to push us back to allow the fash to march onwards, they couldn't. After a half hour standoff, they simply turned the fash around and marched them back to the station! It was a total victory. The fascists didn't even get within sight of their objective, and people-power really put them in their place."

After being stopped in Cricklewood, some fascists obviously decided they'd not had enough abuse for one day, and decided to head into Central London to picket the UAF national conference. Around 15 well known far-right oddballs including Jeff Marsh (of casuals united fame) and Colin McKay (wearing a Golden Dawn flag as a cape) ended up in a small kettle outside the conference, after skirmishing with some antifascists in a nearby pub. In contrast to Cricklewood, the Police here had everything well under control, and they were taking no chances. After an hour of two of back-and-forth abuse, the fascists left and antifascists called it a day.

1-0 to the antifascists by our count!


For more on Cricklewood  - and on anti-fascism in general  http://antifascistnetwork.org/2014/06/16/victory-in-cricklewood-fascists-fail-and-retreat/

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