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The ongoing saga of the Bexhill-Hastings link road rumbles on this month.

A similar scheme was shelved in the mid-nighties at the height of road protest chic. The project was then resurrected (see SchNEWS 288) before being killed once more (SchNEWS 313) in 2001, with the then transport minister John Spellar pointing out that the proposals would cause environmental damage and "did not build a convincing regeneration case". The plans were looked at, but ultimately not enacted, yet again in 2004.

Every time the spectre of the road has rolled into sight an effective counter mobilisation has swung into action, as was the case in March of this year when George Gideon Osborne managed to scrape together £56 million to fuck the Sussex countryside. The Combe Haven Defenders will be holding a camp on the proposed route 29th-30th September. Walks to the mystery site will be setting off from Bexhill station and Crowhurst station at 11am and 12pm respectively on 29th.

Camp highlights include films, workshops and celebrity activist John Stewart talking about how much better the 90s were. Drugs and alcohol won't be allowed on site so for anyone looking to recreate the full protest site experience SchNEWS recommends getting tanked up beforehand, shouting over everyone else, refusing to help others then randomly punching someone before being off-sited.

For more info see: http://combehavendefenders.wordpress.com/ email: combehavendefenders [at] gmail.com or call: 07926 423 033

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Added By: Anonymous - 28th September 2012 @ 10:24 AM
Makes one wonder why the tories dont just kill everything and then concrete over the whole of the countryside to appease the quest of their bankster and fatcat friends for evewr fatter profits??
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